Junior Professorship for Business Analytics & Data Science


The ongoing challenge of combining economic analysis with appropriate inference methods has established evidence-based empirical science as the central interface for data-driven decision making and the development of advanced quantitative methods. Through empirical and methodological research, our chair strives to strengthen the understanding of and options for building and maintaining sustainability-oriented values and to evaluate the effectiveness of economic decisions.

The primary goal of our chair is to improve this understanding and expand options for action through empirical methods and methodological research, which ultimately facilitates the formulation of recommendations and the refinement of decision-making processes. The multi-layered nature of business processes combined with the complexity of economic systems therefore requires rigorous approaches that go beyond mere correlations and descriptive relationships and explore causalities. To achieve this, research focuses on the development of identification strategies to disentangle the complex web of interrelated variables and uncover causal relationships. Uncovering inefficiencies in business processes and economic systems to identify opportunities for improvement and optimize resources is another research focus.

The identification of the strong complementarity of current micro- and macroeconomic and business management theories and their tailored empirical applications has contributed to a strong interdisciplinary orientation of our chair. Our research includes applications in various fields such as health economics, innovation economics, development economics as well as marketing and management. We also conduct methodological research in areas such as econometrics, Bayesian statistics and the development of software packages.


The course Data Science will be offered in Fall Semester 2024.

Main research areas

  • Instrument-free identification of causal effects
  • Endogeneity robust Bayesian inference
  • Evidence-based management decisions
  • Pricing and demand modeling
  • Innovation generation at the firm level
  • Efficiencies of business processes
  • Patient migration and spatial effects in healthcare

Chair holder/Junior Professorship

Haschka, Rouven E.
Haschka, Rouven E. Jun-Prof Dr
Phone:+49 7541 6009-2221
Room:SMH Semi | 1.09


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