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Chair of Finance at FIF


A special characteristic of family businesses is the prominent role of the owner family which gives them the chance to influence the corporate strategy and policy to a large extent. Therefore, a detailed analysis of corporate governance in family businesses plays a central role in the research of Professor Dr Mark Mietzner, who researches on special issues in family businesses.

The Chair of Finance is integrated into the Friedrichshafen Institute of Family Entrepreneurship | FIF and focuses his research activities on the influence that families, family structures, as well as generations exert on the performance of family businesses. It is analyzed to what extent the success of family businesses can be explained by family-specific and cultural factors, such as generation and family values. In close collaboration with cooperating family businesses the implications of a change in owners on the strategic decisions of family businesses in the context of competition are addressed.

The understanding of companies and entrepreneurship provided by the Professor of Finance is to add the concepts of New Institutional Economics to the models of neoclassical theory in research and teaching. Based on models of institutional economics as well as statistical, econometric methods, the offered courses cover central research topics on family businesses.

Mietzner, Mark Prof Dr


Mietzner, Mark Prof Dr
Chair for Banking and Finance | Dean ZU Executive Education
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