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Chair of Global Governance


Basic orientation of the teaching profile

The courses of the subject area are an integral part of the "Foundation Phase" of the bachelor programs of Zeppelin University, and thus are a focus in the education of the students.

Demand and professional areas

The education fulfils the growing need for modern and multidisciplinary trained executives that are to take on tasks in the public sector, the Third Sector, as well as in public-private partnerships. This includes a variety of positions in the areas of inter- and supranational organizations, in global institutions, in the public economy, the non-profit sector, as well as with transnational corporations and especially also the growing consulting sector.

Educational objectives

The courses of this subject area impart the theoretical and methodical knowledge, as well as practically oriented models and tools required for these professional areas, as well as for further academic work. The result of the education to which the subject area contributes is to be a portfolio of competences that includes on the one hand theoretical and methodical core competences and on the other individually compiled, special competences in the field of the controlling of complex systems that are oriented towards the professional area. The discursive character of the seminars, as well as teamwork, presentations, and student research papers, are also meant to promote the students´ social and communicative skills.

Theory and practice 

The combination of a theoretical basis and practical application is a guiding principle of the teaching program. The courses are therefore closely linked to the ongoing research projects of the subject area, and oriented towards the current international state of research. At the same time, guest talks, study trips, internships, and student projects promote the intensive practical orientation.

Courses offered in English

The courses of the subject area are regularly also offered in English.

Teaching Focus

  •  Polity, policy, politics
  •  Political governance
  •  Global governance