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Chair of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education


The Chair of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education is to be seen in connection with the position of the Vice President | Academic Teaching & Didactics, as well as the Higher Educational Design Research Center: HEDeR.

The chair deals with teaching and learning at universities - theoretically, empirically, and practically. Thus, the field of teaching and learning in Higher Education is comprehensive: It includes (a) immediate teaching- and learning situations in lecture halls, seminar rooms, and other physical places, just as much as teaching and learning situations in virtual classes and networks, (b) different forms of academic courses, including technology-enhanced learning, as well as (c) program development, as well as the transitions to school and professional life.

Potentially, the chair applies all methods to research teaching and learning at universities in the three named areas. At our chair, as well as at the HEDeR, we focus amongst other methods on design-based research.

ZU is not only the "home" of the chair and the Center, but also a "laboratory" for pedagogical-driven developments in Higher Education. These promise a practical benefit for students and lecturers, but also empirical and theoretical insights for a better teaching at universities.