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Chair of Teaching and Learning in Higher Education


Our research and development activities at Zeppelin University (ZU) since the fall of 2013 have concentrated on teaching and learning in Higher Education as well as on teaching and learning with media in University and other educational contexts. Currently there are two state-funded projects : optes and SALTO. These are associated projects with contents form educational science, especially media didactics; our task is to support them academically. To do this, we develop efficient forms (a) of pedagogical-driven and organizational consulting, (b) of formative and summative evaluation, and (c) of the documentation and sharing of knowledge among the partners. The aim of both projects is to contribute to an improvement in quality of teaching and learning, as well as in the implementation and sustainable use of pedagogical concepts and learning technologies. In 2015 we will start another state-funded project analyzing inquiry-based learning in Higher Education escpially in the introductory phase.