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Assistant Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Welcome to the web page of the Assistant Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, with a special focus on innovation communication and behavior research.

  • How do ideas and innovations come about?
  • How is internal and external knowledge processed?
  • What kind of ideas do company internal assessment mechanisms determine?
  • How are - company internally and externally - innovations communicated and perceived?
  • Which factors influence the success and failure of innovations?
  • What distinguishes offline purchasing from online purchasing behavior (especially when considering chronic purchase behavior patterns)?
  • What are the possibilities offered by foresight und design thinking?

Essential questions that are addressed in innovation and consumer behavior research, yet a more in-depth, individual analysis is required for further explanations. Therefore, the Assistant Professor takes an interdisciplinary approach in research and teaching and, while applying methods, findings, and theories from behavioral science and neuroscience, wants to address these questions but also additional issues in innovation, entrepreneurial, and consumer behavior research.



Student Staff

  • Christian Heiden | MA | CME | Assistant Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship
  • Felix Sieker BA | SPE | Assistant Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship