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Assistant Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship


Foresight | Innovation | Design

Companies face changes which they have to react to and at the same time have to design actively. New technologies are the framework for innovations. Yet, not all innovations are successful in the market. This success depends on numerous factors. Therefore, it is especially important to understand how company environments will develop and change in future in order to place promising innovations at the right point in time.

In this seminar, students analyze emerging developments and future possible business areas. The aim is to identify the potential of new technologies, to highlight the changes in the industry structure, and to develop possible prototypes. The participants of this seminar work in small project groups closely together with experts from academia and industry, so that as many experiences and observations as possible can be integrated into the development of the project. In this cooperation new research findings are to be presented. The efforts towards an understanding of the future and towards active foresight are summarized and made more palpable and perceivable by using prototypes.

The overall qualification objectives are:

  • Learning about foresight and trends: basics and tools
  • Learning about design thinking: basics and methods
  • The combination of foresight & design thinking in innovation management
  • The assessment and application of tools and methods
  • One´s own project development and processing