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Chair of Innovation Management


Double-blind refereed journal articles

  • Enkel, E., Groemminger, A.& Heil, S. (2018): Managing technological distance in internal and external collaborations: absorptive capacity routines and social integration for innovation. Journal of Technology Transfer (JOTT):  43(5): 1257-1290, DOI 10.1007/s10961-017-9557-0.
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Book chapters and reports

  • Enkel E., Dingler, A. & Mangels, M.: Open Innovation Visibility. Enhancing theory and practice by integrating the role of innovation communication. In: Dr.-Ung. Nicole Pfeffermann and Dr. Julie Gould (Eds): Strategy and Communication for Innovation: Integrative Perspectives on Innovation in the Digital Economy 3rd ed. 2017 Edition. Wiesbaden, Gabler | Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH, 2017 (forthcoming).
  • Dingler, A. & Enkel, E. (2016): Cross-Industry Innovation: Die Rolle von Kommunikation, Interaktion und Sozialisierung in Innnovationskollaborationen. In: Abele, Th. (Hrsg.): Die frühe Phase des Innovationsprozesses. Springer Verlag (FOM-Edition, 2016). pp. 109-122.

An overview of publications can be found here.