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Endowed Chair of Institutional Economics & Transcultural Leadership

Research Projects

Exploring Transcultural Management in Global Firms

Project Description

Enhancing the understanding of transcultural management practices within globally operating companies Transculturality is a subject of growing interest in both the global academic and business world. When facing globalization, companies are required to work with resources and cultures across borders in order to strengthen cooperation and reap the benefits of globalization. Intercultural management, which is mainly focused on overcoming differences, is an often-used tool by companies to encourage the ability and willingness to cooperate. However, the current state of research in the field of transculturality suggests that transcultural management is about creating commonalities as a base for cooperative economic value creation in transactions among (culturally) diverse actors. This development offers great potential for the productive management of (cultural) diversity. For companies the key question is how transculturality can be lived and sustained in daily business. The aim of this project is to further enhance the understanding of transcultural management practices within globally operating companies. The focus will lie on Compliance, Integrity, Global Human Resources (Leadership Development), Diversity Management and Ethics/CSR. Explorative research will be conducted at the German and international departments of two distinct, globally operating firms from the automotive and mechanical engineering industry. In addition to understanding the status quo of transcultural management, the team aims at identifying opportunities for further development. The project is jointly conducted by the Wittenberg Center for Global Ethics and the Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin | LEIZ under supervision of Prof Dr. Josef Wieland and Julika Baumann Montecinos.

Contact: Dipl. Kulturwirtin Julika Baumann Montecinos

Project Duration

from 01.02.2017 through 31.12.2017

Project Head

Prof. Dr. Josef Wieland

Project Execution

Dipl. Kulturwirtin Julika Baumann Montecinos, Elena Hunzinger (M.A.), Preeti Singh (M.A.), Sabine Wiesmüller (M.A.)