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Visiting Professor of Cultural Sociology


Culture is calculus. This calculus puts an element, an event, a value x in relation to a practice, to a poiesis, to the solution to a problem, to the dynamic stabilization of an evolution, to a network of hierarchies, to the interconnection between cognition and volition. Or, in short:


Body and mind, technology and society are always involved. Culture calculates the values of an x in the context of medium, function, evolution, network, and system. Under these conditions it is uncertain how an x can be counted: in the context of a platonic unit (form as idea, limited unit) that can be contrasted with the multiplicity of its only seldom perfect realizations (unlimited duality), in the context of a Boolean 0/1 scheme that insists that an x is either a universe or nothing, or maybe yet in the context of Peirce´s semiotics that differentiates between icon, index, and interpretant and thus is best protected from being fooled.

The research and teaching at the Chair apply a cultural calculus that accompanies and observes the transition from modern printing society to the next computer society. The demands made on a sociological theory of culture have increased since complex references to body and brain have to be taken into consideration just as much as new modalities of the communication of politics and business, religion and science, art and law, organization and interaction.

Baecker, Dirk Prof Dr rer soc


Baecker, Dirk Prof Dr rer soc
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