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Karl-Mannheim Chair of Cultural Studies

Research Projects

Knowledge Politics

Project Description

The research project Knowledge Politics project has as overall aim to examine the emergence, the reasons for and the consequences of controlling novel scientific knowledge and technical devices in modern societies. Virtually all research that explores the modern knowledge-based society has been concerned with the production and not the consumption of knowledge. We are particularly interested in the growing moral, political and economic pressure (and the resistance to such pressure by various social groups) to regulate or police novel knowledge as well as technical devices and capacities that then constitute the emerging field of political activity best designated as "knowledge politics and policies". Modern knowledge politics, or governance of knowledge, is about: - attempts to systematically channel the social role of knowledge; - the generation of rules and enforcement of sanctions pertaining to relevant actors and organisations; - affixing certain attributes (such as property restrictions or legal prohibitions) to knowledge; and - generally, restricting the application of new knowledge and technical artefacts – this likely being the most controversial strategy.


Project Duration

from 01.01.2004 through 31.12.2007

Project Head

Prof. Nico Stehr

Project Execution

Prof. Nico Stehr Ph.D., FRSC


eigenfinanziertes Forschungsprojekt