Best Thesis Award for Jasper David Brüns (Chair of Marketing)

We are very pleased that our student (PhD student since February) Jasper David Brüns was awarded the Best Thesis Award by Zeppelin Universitätsgesellschaft (ZUG) for his bachelor thesis, supervised by Prof. Martin Meißner, at the Chair of Marketing. Throughout the fall semester 2020, Jasper investigated the question to what extent the effect of disclosing sponsorship in social media (Instagram) influencer marketing on the activation of persuasive knowledge may be moderated by self-control and salience of product placements.


„The research question is relevant to a variety of stakeholders. On the one hand, it is about whether sponsorship disclosure is an effective means of informing social media users and protecting them from commercial persuasion attempts, or whether there are certain scenarios in which the impact of such disclosure diminishes. On the other hand, the project generates important insights for both influencers and advertising companies which can adapt their marketing strategies to achieve the desired advertising impact on recipients.
The project was very complex concerning its theoretical background, as it combined research on influencer marketing, persuasion knowledge, disclosure effects, ego depletion and product placements. This made the theoretical work particularly challenging and interesting. In terms of methodology, I analyzed the data collected in a lab experiment using multilevel moderated mediation models and found some very exciting (interaction) effects.
I am very happy that the jury liked my work and that it was honored with the award. In the ten-week research period, I have learned a great deal about the research process and scientific work. I blame my supervisor Martin for the fact that it was a lot of fun in addition to my academic development.”

If you are interested in his bachelor thesis, Jasper can be contacted via his email address jasper.bruens@zu.de.

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