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Chair of Media Culture


We live in a media society. Understanding social community life in modern societies is untenable without taking modern media into consideration: They are the central sources of information on our natural and social environment; ubiquitous means of human interaction, strategic centers of social organization, and possibly the most important place of the production and reproduction of culture today .

This culture, defined as the symbolic universe of a society that generates meaning, values, and practices, is the focus of research at the Professorship of Media Culture. Our problem-driven studies are based on an understanding of communication and media studies as empirical social research. As the central process of all sociality, communication is considered in its many guises and forms, and approached from a range of theoretical perspectives such as social and cultural theory. Researching the interface of media and social change requires an interdisciplinary approach. Special emphasis is placed on the consequences of new media and digital communication.

Adolf, Marian Thomas Prof Dr phil


Adolf, Marian Thomas Prof Dr phil
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