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ZF Friedrichshafen Chair for Strategic Management & Human Resources Management


With traditional business models being challenged by an ongoing digitalization and internationalization and the access to human capital being restricted by the actual demographic trend, profound competencies in Strategic and Human Resources Management are key qualifications for future managers, whether in business, cultural or political institutions. The ZF Friedrichshafen Chair for Strategic Management & Human Resource Management addresses these requirements.

In our research we follow a theory-based, empirical approach. The aim is to generate high quality research findings that are noticed by the scientific community and that provide theoretical and practical implications.

In our teaching we aim at educating generalists who possess more than subject-specific skills. The students learn to interpret Strategic Management and Human Resources Management holistically, from an interdisciplinary theoretical perspective and in the context of social, organizational as well as individual demands.

Opitz, Christian Prof Dr rer pol


Gruninger, Frédéric
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Opitz, Christian Prof Dr rer pol
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