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ZF Friedrichshafen Chair for Strategic Management & Human Resources Management


Hardly any annual report fails to point out that the employees are the company´s most important resource. There are numerous good reasons for this conclusion. The key role of human capital inherent in the members of an organization can be seen in the increased importance of knowledge in modern economies.

Successful companies and institutions invest large sums in the training and continuing education of their employees, carefully select among their applicants, and understand the quality of decisions and behaviors relevant for personnel management as a decisive competitive factor. Strategic management and human resources management in these organizations is business-oriented instead of function-oriented, customer-oriented instead of internally oriented, proactive instead of reactive, has a broad instead of a narrow perspective, is decentrally instead of centrally rooted, and last but not least problem-oriented instead of standardized.

The chair takes these changed requirements into account in the sense of a comprehensive and strategically oriented human resource management.

In our teaching we aim at educating generalists who possess more than only personnel-specific skills. The students learn to interpret strategic and personnel management from an interdisciplinary, theoretical perspective and in the context of social, organizational, as well as individual requirements.

In our research we use a theory-based, empirical research approach. The aim of our research activities are high-quality research findings that are noticed by the scientific community and that contain practical explanations and recommended actions.

Our research interests include strategic organization, the design of governance structures to promote creative processes, and payment and recruitment issues. These questions are discussed in an application-oriented way, i.e. within the context of a specific industry. The fields of application so far have included universities, business consultancies, internet start-ups, professional sports leagues, as well as the film and music industries.

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