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Honorary Professor of Political & Administrative Sciences


In his research Markus Müller mainly deals with questions of governing, as well as with the comparative analysis of questions of economic policy.

Currently, Markus Müller is teaching the introductory course "Politics, Policy, and Polity". In the context of eMA FESH, he has been offering a module unit on the "Political Environment of Family Businesses" since 2013. Further teaching offers since 2005: "International Politics", "Public Policy Analysis", as well as "Political and Economic Aspects of Regulation".

In a practice-oriented education in political and administrative sciences, Müller focuses on identifying important issues from the areas of politics, state, and society, as well as relevant tasks from the range of political and political-administrative action contexts, and aims at processing or answering them based on historically and methodically informed knowledge. "Additionally", he says, "this education has to focus on an introduction to the culture of politics and administration, on becoming familiar with its language and behavior, and on gaining competences in dealing with them. The honorary professor aims to make a relevant contribution."

Recent Publications

Müller, Markus M. | Sturm, Roland: „Blockadepolitik in den Ausschüssen des Bundesrates - Offene Fragen und erste Antworten“, In: Jahrbuch Föderalismus 2013. Föderalismus, Subsidiarität und Regionen in Europa. Herausgegeben vom Europäischen Zentrum für Föderalismus-Forschung Tübingen (EZFF), Baden-Baden: Nomos 2013, S.142-154.

Müller, Markus M. | Sturm, Roland: „Statist policy advice: policy analysis in the German Länder”, In: Policy Analysis in Germany. Sonja Blum | Klaus Schubert (Eds.). Bristol: Policy Press 2013, S. 105-118.

Müller, Markus Prof Dr


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