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Chair of Political Communication


The Chair of Political Communication embraces a broad understanding and conception of political and communicational processes. Our research interests are in the analysis of communication processes of political actors and issues as well as related research fields, such as science communication and organizational communication.
We offer regularly seminars in Zeppelin University´s BA and MA study programmes on political communication, journalism research, science communication as well as on empirical methods in Social Science and methodology.

Research Interests

Our research focuses especially on three areas:

Political Communication
| Analysis of public debates in various policy fields, such as climate change, energy, migration, infrastructure, social politics, media, culture and digitalization
| Strategies and tactics of actors in the field of political communication
| European public discourses and construction of European identity in the media
| Analysis of political conflicts as international crises in the media, for instance the Euro crisis, the Ukraine crisis as well as the refugee and migration crisis in Europe
| Public Diplomacy and international communication
| Effects of digitalization on social, entrepreneurial and political processes

Science Communication
| Science-Policy-Advice
| Science-Policy-Interfaces
| Science Diplomacy
| Knowledge communication and digital science communication
| Mediated reality of science, scientists and experts
| Strategic science communication

Organizational Communication
| Change of organizational communication due to digital transformation and professionalization
| Public Affairs


The Chair of Political Communication offers regularly courses in the BA and MA study programmes Communication, Culture & Management, Politics, Administration & International Relations und Sociology, Politics & Economics. These seminars focus on political communication, scientific communication, strategic communication as well as on empirical research methods.

The Chair of Political Communication conducts also teaching in Zeppelin University’s Executive Master programmes eMA FESH, eMA DIP und eMA LEE including seminars on political communication and communication management.

The chair closely cooperates with the Research Center of Political Communication and the Centre for Media & Society.



Perrot-Minot, Claire MA
Assistant to the Program Board Communication, Culture & Management | Project manager
Center of Political Communication
Phone:07541 6009-1300
Room:FAB 3 | 2.61