Impacts of Public Administration’s Workforce Diversity (DiversityImpacts)

Effects on Migration and Integration Policy and 
Public Perceptions of Administrative Action

The DiversityImpacts project aims to investigate the impact of public workforce diversity on policy outputs and public perceptions of administrative action in Germany. It departs from state-of-the-art research on barriers to diversity and innovates by examining the consequences of diversity. Moreover, the research project seeks to discover how far diversity in bureaucracies affects the content of immigration and integration policy and politics.

Relevant federal and state ministries, grassroots immigrant organizations, and the general population will be approached to achieve the project's objectives.

The theoretical framework draws upon representative bureaucracy theory and bureaucratic politicization literature.

The innovative methodological design of the project comprises:

  • a quantitative online survey,
  • a survey experiment,
  • an implicit association test, and
  • eye tracking.

The DiversityImpacts project results will advance the basic research on bureaucratic politics, representative bureaucracy, immigration and integration policy and politics, and social cohesion. They will also benefit the administrative practice concerning public human resource management and management of public satisfaction with public policy and administrative action in diverse societies.

Project Duration: 2023 – 2026


When available, the first results of the DiversityImpacts project will be presented in this section.

Publications (Peer-Reviewed)

When available, peer-reviewed publications will be presented in this section.



Angel Miklashevsky

Research Associate

Chair of Public Administration & Public Policy


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