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Alexa Lenz

Alexa Lenz is a post-doctoral researcher at the Chair of Public Administration & Public Policy at Zeppelin University, where she works as project coordinator and co-investigator at the InnoLoK project. She is also a post-doctoral researcher at LMU Munich (Geschwister-Scholl-Institute of Political Science) and holds a PhD in Politics and Public Administration at the University of Konstanz.

In her research, she studies public perceptions of administrative performance with a special focus on crisis management and social capital. She is involved in several research projects studying the effectiveness of local administrations during crises, in particular the Covid-19 pandemic (InnoLoK project), the migration crisis of 2015/16 (HybOrg project), but also more generally due to increasing workload and policy accumulation (ACCUPOLproject).

Alexa holds a master’s degree in Political Science from the LMU Munich and a master’s degree in Current Democracies: Nationalism, Federalism and Multiculturalism from the UPF Barcelona, with focus on the study of political behavior and political sociology. She completed her bachelor’s program in Political Science and Media Studies at the University of Regensburg and the Universidad Austral de Chile.

Alex Lenz

Publications & Working Papers

Lenz, A. (2024). Managing crises as if no one is watching? Governance dilemmas from a public perspective. Public Administration.

Graf, F., Lenz, A. & Eckhard, S. (2023). Ready, Set, Crisis – Transitioning to Crisis Mode in Local Public Administration. Public Management Review.

Lenz, A., & Eckhard, S. (2023). Conceptualizing and Explaining Flexibility in Administrative Crisis Management: A Cross-district Analysis in Germany. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 33(3), 485–497.

Lenz, A. & Eckhard,S. (2022). Conceptualizing and Explaining Flexibility in Administrative Crisis Management: A Cross-district Analysis in Germany, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, muac038,

Lenz , A. (2022). Trust in Times of Crisis: Opportunities and Pitfalls of Cooperation Between Volunteers and Local Governments. dms–der moderne staat–Zeitschrift für Public Policy, Recht und Management, 15(1-2022).

Eckhard, S., Lenz, A., Seibel, W., Roth, F., & Fatke, M. (2020). Latent Hybridity in Administrative Crisis Management: The German Refugee Crisis of 2015/16. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.

Lenz, A., Eckhard, S., Obermaier, K. & Hoffmann, P. (2021). Wie nimmt die Bevölkerung das Krisenmanagement während der Covid-19 Pandemie wahr? Repräsentative Bevölkerungsbefragung zur öffentlichen Wahrnehmung in der Covid-19 Pandemie. University of Konstanz, KOPS.

Lenz, A. & Eckhard, S. (2020): Non-bureaucratic Behavior in Times of Crisis – Rule-breaking and Risky Decisions in Public Administration. Working paper, presented at the ECPR General Conference, Innsbruck, Austria.

Roth, F., Käser, M., Lenz, A., Eckhard, S., Wiese, L. & Seibel, W. (2019). Wege zur Einbindung von Freiwilligen - Lehren aus der sogenannten Flüchtlingskrise. Behördenspiegel, 12/2019.

Lenz, A. (2017). Völkisch‘ and ‘Überfremdung‘ Different Enemies, Same Fascist Ideology? Fascism: Old and New. Verticals Public Seminar.

Conferences & Workshops

  • ECPR (2019, 2020, 2021, 2022)
  • EGPA (2019, 2021, 2023)
  • IRSPM (2021, 2022, 2023)
  • DVPW (2021)
  • NIG (2018)
  • Poloticologenetmaal (2018)
  • Social Cohesion in Times of Crises Concepts, Approaches and Perspectives. Research Institute Social Cohesion, 2021
  • Online Lab: Findings on local management of the so-called “refugee crisis” 2015/16, workshop for public administration employees, 2021.
  • Online Workshop „Fünf Jahre nach dem Sommer der Willkommenskultur. Umkämpfte Solidaritäten, fragile Teilhabe und transformative Potentiale zivilgesellschaftlichen Engagements.“ 2020
  • Workshop “Local Public Management in the Refugee Crisis”, Utrecht School of Governance, Netherlands, 2019.


LMU Munch:

  • MA Level: Fundamentals of Public Policy | Fundamentals of Public Administration | Citizens & Public Administration
  • BA Level: Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten

University of Konstanz:

Administrative Crisis Management | The politics of international mirgation, causes, crisis , societal consequences

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