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Senior Professorship for Sociology of the Art Field and Creative Industries


The Senior professorship is dedicated to empirical research on art and creative work, and the social-theoretical analyses of cultural practices. Preference is given to various qualitative methods of field research (qualitative interview, participant observation, etc.).

Furthermore, different phenomena of social precarity and exclusion - from long-term unemployment to the connection between creative work and precarity - are researched empirically. The question of the possibilities and limits of visual sociology is being investigated currently within the framework of this DFG-funded project, using the photographic archive of Pierre Bourdieu, linked to the senior professorship and which is being researched exclusively here.

In addition to its own empirical research, the professorship is dedicated to the publication of Pierre Bourdieu's "Collected Writings" by Suhrkamp, the series "Raisons d'agir" and. "Questions sociologiques"/Paris

Schultheis, Franz Prof Dr


The courses offered primarily revolve around questions of the sociology of art and creative work, sociology of work and education, and praxeological social theory.

Main areas of research

  • Sociology of art and creative work
  • Visual sociology
  • Praxeological sociology
  • Sociology of the world of work
  • Phenomena of social exclusion

Recent publications:

  • Schultheis, Franz: Enterprise Bourdieu. A field report, Bielefeld, transcript, 2019. Further information
  • Schultheis, Franz; Henning, Christoph & Thomä, Dieter: Creativity as a profession - sociological-philosophical investigations in the world of the arts.1, Bielefeld, transcript, 2019. Further information
  • Schultheis, Franz: Art as a passion - life paths in a world of its own. Cologne, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König, 2018.  Further information
  • Schultheis, Franz. et al.: Art Unlimited? Dynamics and paradoxes of a globalizing Art World. Bielefeld, Transcript-Verlag, 1/2016. Further information
  • Schultheis, F. et al.: Art and Capital. Encounters at the Art Basel. Cologne, Walther König, 2015. Further information

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