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Best Paper Award for Julia Felfeli and Prof. Dr. Anja Achtziger

Julia Felfeli       Photo: Zeppelin University

Julia Felfeli, research associate at the chair of Social & Economic Psychology, presented her joint research together with Prof. Dr. Anja Achtziger at the annual NeuroPsychoEconomics conference from the 24th-25th of May in Zurich. The conference covered themes of interdisciplinary research from the fields of neuroscience, psychology, economics, organizational and consumer behavior, and marketing. The conference offered 20 paper presentations, as well as keynotes and poster presentations.
The presented article “Confidence judgments in own skills: The effects of gender and monetary incentives” focuses on confidence judgments specifically the overconfidence bias as well as gender differences in these judgments and monetary incentives as possible interventions to reduce this bias, and won at the end of the two-day the Best Paper Award.