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Chair of Entrepreneurship & Finance


The chair combines entrepreneurial science with issues of finance. Central to our work is the fundamental question of how entrepreneurial activity develops in economies and how it is influenced by the macro and micro level aspects of finance. In addition to the analysis of corporate finance and financial systems, the chair’s field of research encompasses issues of market liquidity and individual actors’ liquidity needs, as well as the emergence of financial and economic crises and the associated regulatory issues. Another research focus is the economic analysis of social capital.

Tyrell, Marcel Prof Dr

Curriculum Vitae



Molterer, Manuel MA
ZU Executive Education
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Fax:+49 7541 6009-1299
Room:Semi 1.09

Tyrell, Marcel Prof Dr
Academic Program Director CME & MA GEMA
Institute of Entrepreneurship & Finance
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Room:Semi 1.06
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Student Staff

  • Dekorsy, Maximilian | Student BA | Corporate Management & Economics
  • Kehrer, Benedikt | Student MA | Corporate Management & Economics
  • Kremer, Jannis | Student MA | Corporate Management & Economics


Academic Staff

Svetlova Ekaterina Dr phil

Student Staff

Bredemeyer, Karl
Emmel, Gregory
Federspiel, Benedikt
Haller von Hallerstein, Hubertus
Müller, Rebekka
Pries, Jan
Roth, Tilman
Tönnesmann, Fabian
von Gilsa, Philipp
von Spiegel, Hanning