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Chair of Administrative Science & Modernization

Research Projects

Governance in städtischen Entwicklungskrisen. Die Verarbeitung städtischer Schrumpfungsprozesse im internationalen Vergleich

Project Description

Urban shrinking processes are increasingly understood as a phenomenon for research in urban politics. This encompasses entire cities, parts of them and metropolitan areas experiencing a fundamental decline in both their economic and social bases. In a rather narrow perspective shrinkage is focused on changing demographic processes. However, shrinkage can also be interpreted in a broader sense, encompassing structural, economical and social changes. Shrinkage is most commonly used with a negative connotation referring to a decline in population and incipient structural abandonment. In the absence of a well-defined model explaining the interplay of specific national reform efforts at a local level, and simultaneous urban shrinking processes, this project aims to contribute to a better understanding.

Contact: Röber, Jörg

Project Duration

from 01.01.2007 through 01.01.2010

Project Head

Dipl. Verw. Wiss. Jörg Röber

Project Execution


Project-related Publications

  • Röber, Jörg: Governance in Urban Developmental Crisis Situations, Annals of the Croatian Political Science Association, 2009, Jg. 2008 (-): 323 - 345,
  • Röber, Jörg: Urban Crisis Situations and its Implications for Urban Governance, EGPA Seminar for Doctoral Students and Junior Researchers, Malta, EGPA, 2009
  • Röber, Jörg: Shrinking Processes and its Implications for Urban Governance, Research Committee on Public Policy and Administration, International Political Science Association, 2008