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Chair of Administrative Science & Modernization

Research Projects

Enhancing Blue-Green and Social Performance in High Density Urban Environments. Urban Governance for Livable Cities: Institutional Capacity Building for Infrastructure Planning and Development

Project Description

Focusing on the nexus between the ‘livability’ and ‘governability’ of cities, the research is geared to critically analyze appropriate governance models for sustainable infrastructure development and urban planning. For the purpose of this project, we employ more complex and differentiated conceptions of governance as opposed to more narrowly defined notions of (hierarchical) ‘government’ or ‘leader-ship’. In particular, we work on the assumption that successful strategies for urban governance will have to find the appropriate mix of steering modes – contingent on the specific policy or planning task at hand as well as contextual economic, political and socio-cultural factors (such as local planning cultures, national political settings and / or economic and fiscal trends). This balanced mix of steering modes recogniz-es the current shift away from classical hierarchical and rule-bound notions of deci-sion-making and policy implementation, so as to include more participatory and community-based approaches as well as market-based and competition-driven in-centives structures. This broader perspective of delivering and managing public goods and services is best captured in current debates about ‘public governance’ and ‘collaborative public management’ by which our research will be informed. In doing so, we feel best equipped for an inter-sectoral empirical analysis of urban gov-ernance, involving actors and institutions from the public, non-profit and private sec-tors, and cutting across – often dysfunctionally separated – urban policy fields such as infrastructure planning for transport, water and open spaces.

Contact: Dr. rer pol Jörg Röber,

Project Duration

from 01.07.2014 through 01.07.2015

Project Head

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Schröter

Project Execution

Prof. Dr. Eckhard Schröter; Dr. rer pol Jörg Röber


Ramboll Foundation