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Center of Technology Management of ZU and Fraunhofer Institute Stuttgart


Zeppelin University and the Fraunhofer IAO in Stuttgart have joined to start the Center of Technology Management (ZTM) at the ZU campus at Seemooser Horn. This is the first location of the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft at Lake Constance and a trendsetting cooperation between a research institute from the area of applied research and a private university.

Complementary Competences in Southern Germany
"Production is where it is cheaper: abroad. Research and development are increasingly going where production already is. In high-wage Germany - and especially in Southern Germany - we therefore have to focus on two future competences: technology management and synchronous service engineering connected with marketable technologies", ZU President Jansen explains the motivation for this foundation. "The Fraunhofer IAO is proficient in technological development. Zeppelin University focuses on management theories from business, political, and communication sciences - a groundbreaking cooperation of complementary competences for the region comes into being."

Dieter Spath, Director of the Fraunhofer IAO, is also happy about the new foundation. "Zeppelin University is the ideal partner for the Center of Technology Management: Our competences in the areas of technology and innovation management, as well as corporate development, are complemented by the expert reports by ZU scholars from the faculties of corporate management and economics, social, and communication sciences, and thus contribute to solving the questions of our customers."

Not Just a Fashionable Issue: The Future of the High-Wage Country
And this is what the ZTM will deal with in future: new technologies are changing our world and our everyday life - and this applies both to individuals and to companies. But how do you actively design this change? Science and business have shown over many years that the topic of technology management is not simply a fashionable issue or a fleeting trend from the area of management methods. The anticipatory handling of known and new technologies is one of several preconditions for the sustainable market success of companies. Yet the complexity of technological possibilities and developments - especially when they lie far ahead in the future - poses new challenges. Before a company makes a technological decision that is to provide a solid basis for the long term, a lot of questions have to be answered: Which technologies should we rely on in future? Do we know the technologies that will influence our business model in the medium and long term? Are we still able to take the variety of technological developments in the different areas systematically into consideration when we make our decisions?

Offers of the Institute
With its comprehensive offer of services the ZTM supports companies in answering these and additional questions related to the early identification and evaluation of technological future trends, and consults them in the development of technology strategies for tomorrow´s innovations. It is the task of the center to help interested executives and experts with words and deeds when they are faced with upcoming decisions affecting the technological future of their organization. To ensure this the Fraunhofer IAO and ZU pool their technological, organizational, and economic competences. An example of the way the center works is the demonstration environment "VisTech" which helps companies get an insight into innovative possibilities of decision-making when they consider strategic projects involving technological planning. By using modern technologies of visualization, even complicated issues related to innovative technologies can be understood intuitively.
With applications and services such as these the ZTM promotes the transfer of knowledge and experience from the academic sphere into that of operational practice. In this way, the initiators of the center plan to make an important contribution towards maintaining and increasing the technological leadership of companies, especially those from the Lake Constance region.

The Fraunhofer IAO deals with current issues related to working people. The institute especially supports companies in recognizing, individually adapting, and consistently applying the potentials of innovative forms of organizations, as well as trendsetting information and communication technologies, to their needs. The pooling of competences in management and technology ensures that economic success, employees´ interests, and social consequences are always considered to the same extent. Through its close cooperation with the Institute for Human Factors and Technology Management (IAT) of the University of Stuttgart, Fraunhofer IAO unites basic university research with applied science and business practice.

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