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The FIF, embedded in the basic understanding of interdisciplinary teaching of Zeppelin University, offers a variety of possible approaches in specialising on family businesses and the qualification for future managers. Relating courses are offered both in the Bachelor and Master programs as well as in the part time Master for Family Entrepreneurship | eMA FESH. We also coach and supervise student research projects and theses on the subject of family businesses.



Courses for Bachelor-Students

Strategic Brand Management & Family Firm Branding | Prof. Dr. Reinhard Prügl & Maximilian Lude | 112531

Entrepreneurship & Business Modell Innovation
| Prof. Dr. Reinhard Prügl & Maximilian Lude | 122152

StudentStudy | Corporate succession in family businesses | Prof. Dr. Reinhard Prügl

Management of family firms | Prof. Dr. Hermut Kormann & Prof. Dr. Andreas Wiedemann | 122151

Current Issues in Family Business Research | Dr. Ursula Koners & Jana Hauck | 112532

Courses for Master-Students

Entrepreneurship | Prof. Dr. Reinhard Prügl | 232018

Family Governance | family and firm constitution | Prof. Dr. Andreas Wiedemann & Kirsten Baus | 242051

Current Issues of CME II: Family businesses & Innovation | Prof. Dr. Reinhard Prügl | 242492

Courses for eMA FESH-Students

Can you educate/shape family entrepreneurs? At least we try.

Student Research & Theses

Bachelor Theses

| Analysis of inhibiting and promotive influencing factors on business model innovations during the succession in family businesses
| Siblings during the succession in family firms: an exploratory investigation
| Daughters on Stage – Leadership pathways and Challenges of Female Successors in German Family Owned Businesses
| Impact of innovations and changes in family businesses: a contemplation of the family-internal succession
| Liver sausage with sense of family? Corporate claimers of family firms and their perception
| The consequences of a food scandal on the trust of family businesses
| The significance of Social Media Recruiting for family businesses. An empirical investigation with the help of qualitative interviews
| Employer Branding among tradition and innovation: How do family firms from Baden-Württemberg from the industrial goods and capital goods industry define and implement their employer brand?
|Familiness: hitherto findings and investigation of the impacts on family firms
| Social Capital in the Family Firm: A look at the dark side.
| The Family Firm: With what strategies are the entrepreneurs’ children being brought up to the family business?
| Councils in the management of family firms – an analysis of efficient rules of the game and discretionary cooperation
| Growing like Schaeffler: Dimensions, drivers and patterns of the company growth of family businesses
| Decision making in the context of innovation: inventory-taking in Brazilian family firms in comparison with German family firms
| Dividend policy of family businesses. Analysis of specific influencing factors of the dividend conduct

Master Theses

| Open Innovation in family firms – an empirical investigation of the effects of family-business-specific characteristics on Open Innovation
| Innovative Behaviour in German Family Firms: The Transition from Family to External Management
| Acquiring family firms and the effects on the competition – an empirical investigation of the competitive conduct on the basis of M&A-transactions in Germany
| Leveraged buyout of family firms: a comparison with non-family businesses. Is the funding with bond loans for family firms the source of last authority?
|The emotions of the generation of successors in family businesses: A theory organizational proximity
| The impact of the owner-family on the strategy process in family firms: An empirical investigation on the basis of case studies and expert interviews
| Growth of non-listed family firms
| An exploratory analysis of the capacity of innovation of family businesses considering business culture and influence of family
|Family-internal vs non-family management in family businesses – appraisal of the relative weighting of relevant selection criteria with an adaptive Conjoint-Analysis
| Innovation in family businesses: an empirical exploration
| A Qualitative Analysis of the Role of Family Business Background for Entrepreneurial Behaviour in Germany
| Business Model Innovation in family businesses. Investigation of the changes of business models in family firms from the Black Forest.
| Analysis and assessment of Private Equity as an alternative form of financing for family businesses
| The impact of family businesses on the social overhead capital of a region – an investigation for the South of Germany
| Gut feeling vs. Net-Present-Value: FuE-investment decisions in family & non-family companies. Findings from an adaptive Conjoint-Analysis in order to determine the weighting of decision criteria
| Concepts in order to educate successors in family companies – an empirical analysis
| Extended families and group of companies: an exemplary analysis of the business culture of a several-generations family company

eMA FESH Master Theses

| Innovation management in the context of succession in family businesses. How is innovation perceived by different generations?
| Innovation in family businesses in the first and second generation
| To what extent are family businesses in the hotel sector willing to take on innovation during the succession? An empirical investigation.
| Transfer of knowledge during the succession in family companies: Parallels and differences between family-internal and –external successors.
| Technology Competence Leveraging for complex innovations with a high degree of adaptation on behalf of the customer
| Motives for business model innovations in traditional family companies
| A quantitative investigation of the influence of the owner family on the R&D Intensity in listed family companies
| The influence of entrepreneurial resilience on the knowledge management of family businesses
| The performance of family businesses before and after the entrance of an investor
| Impact of the succession on the company’s performance of listed family businesses
| Private Equity in family businesses. An empirical case study analysis of successful minority shareholding in medium-sized family companies in Germny and the resulting insights for a successful cooperation bestween investor and shareholders
| Participation of the advisory board in the strategy work in Germany family firms: Theoretical insights, experts’ recommendations
| Leadership in family businesses: Employees’ perceptions during the succession
| How does a family manage to tie inactive shareholders emotionally down to the family business?
| Conflict and effectivity of siblings in German family companies. An empirical investigation in the context of the Stewardship-Theory

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