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Dr. Manfred Bischoff Institute of Innovation Management of Airbus Group

Mission & Vision

The institute has both a managerial and an economic orientation, which is the basis of the definition of our mission statement, vision, and strategy.

Mission Statement

    • Securing innovation capacity, e.g. by open innovation, cross-industry innovation, and innovative business models
    • Improvement of the knowledge transfer both within the corporation and beyond, as well as the establishment of
    • Innovation networks
    • Analysis of in-house atmospheres of innovation and management innovations
    • Analysis of technological penetrations, economic clusters, as well as
    • evolutionary economic influences and aspects.


Für den betriebswirtschaftlichen Bereich sollen Innovationsparadigmen für Unternehmen im Zusammenspiel von Strategie, Organisation und Finanzierung abgeleitet werden.For the area of business administration, innovation paradigms for companies shall be derived in the interplay of strategy, organization, and financing.
The aim of the economic orientation is to develop an improved understanding of international political and economic framework conditions.
Das Ziel für die volkswirtschaftliche Ausrichtung ist es, ein verbessertes Verständnis von internationalen politisch-ökonomischen Rahmenbedingungen zu entwickeln.


The Chair of Innovation Management is application-oriented and tries – in intensive cooperation with companies - to gain deeper insights from corporate practice and to We publish the results of our research activities preferably in renowned international journals. At the same time, the gained knowledge is made available both to students in the context of academic teaching, and to corporate practice in mutual projects.develop, implement, and optimize new concepts on a theoretical basis.