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Dr. Manfred Bischoff Institute of Innovation Management of Airbus Group


Just as our teaching, our research activities are based on a close combination of academic theory and practical application. Therefore, we closely cooperate with companies from various industries in our projects. You will find more information here.

Research at the Chair

  • Preconditions, abilities, and approaches to establish successful business model innovations, digital business models
  • Measurement and management of cognitive distance in collaborative innovations across established industry boundaries (cross-industry innovation)
  • Influence of corporate strategy and culture on the innovative performance of corporations
  • Management and balance of open versus closed innovation

Research Cooperations

  • Research Brand Equity together with Professor Florack (WU Vienna) and Professor Kenning (ZU)
  • Culture as Determining Factor in Open Innovation (Cooperation with Ghent University)

Current Research Projects with Practical Partners

  • Study on Innovation 2014
  • Project with FVA on the Topic of Cross-Industry Innovation
  • National Competence Center on Business Model Innovation
  • Project with Henkel to Evaluate and Optimize the Cross-Industry Strategy
  • Project with Airbus Group to Establish a Systematic Process to Develop Innovative, Radical Business Models