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Research Associations and Research Clusters

How does a tiny university with approximately 100 scholars carry out great research? In cooperations with a broad range of networks.

Zeppelin University as a university bridging business, culture, and politics has been committed to the ideal of a "university able to maintain relationships" since its foundation. Following the consistently interdisciplinary research profile of the university, several "research associations" have developed, based on the interests of our scholars.

In the research associations, scholars of the whole university have come together to study current interdisciplinary research questions – across the different faculties. Cooperation partners from different national and international universities and research institutions, as well as organizations from business, society, culture, and politics complement these associations with their competences and research focus areas.

The speakers of the associations are organized in the "Circle of Speakers" that acts as an internal exchange platform.

Research associations

  • Educational Innovation
  • Cultural Production
  • Entrepreneurship - Family Business, Innovation & Finance
  • Mediatized Modernity
  • Strategic Communication
  • Research on Civil Society

Further research topics

  • Democracy Research
  • Interdisciplinary Methodology Research
  • Mobility
  • Sustainability
  • Leadership & Governance

Find more information about our research associations and research topics on our german website.


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