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Amadeus Center for Mobility Studies | CfM

Mission Statement

The Center for Mobility Studies | CfM, located at Zeppelin University, is dedicated to the interdisciplinary, intersectoral and international analysis of regulatory, ecological, economic, cultural or planning conditions of innovative business models in the mobility market. One of the objectives of the institute's work is the investigation, development and evaluation of new mobility concepts. The CfM offers a neutral exchange platform for science and practice, as a network for companies and institutions for the development of new, cross-industrial and global business model innovations.

Goal & Vision


Creation of a platform for interdisciplinary, intercultural and intermodal cooperation for productive networking of science with the mobility industry, within the industry and across industries.


The Center for Mobility Studies | CfM is the recognized research institute for mobility in Germany, which analyzes and demonstrates the economic, psychological, sociological and technical aspects of mobility and thus provides the essential impetus for business model innovations.


Definition and design of teaching modules, research projects, cooperation with other recognised universities, colleges and institutes (business, politics, associations), events and project implementation, identification of all relevant market participants, feedback with the relevant players in the mobility industry (direct and indirect actors), identification of market trends and their innovators, leverage factors, socio-economic factors.

Trends: AI and DLT technology

Distributed Ledger Technology offers a variety of new possibilities that can be used in mobility, retail and logistics, unleashing undreamed-of efficiency potential and arbitrage gains. Blockchain technology is considered the ultimate solution for implementing decentralized governance structures and digital identities. A so-called web-of-trust scheme can create the basis for trustworthy transactions by presenting all (anonymous) transactions in a comprehensible way. This ensures transparent and efficient resource management, which also makes a considerable contribution to increased cyber security.

In the automotive sector, the mega-topics of the future "electrification", "autonomous driving" and "sharing economy" dominate the discussion, which is fueled by many studies, scenarios and visions of the future. In order to link these topics efficiently, the topic of artificial intelligence plays a significant role in the research area of the Chair of Mobility, Retail and Logistics. Last but not least, space mobility and satellite communication (which is indispensable for autonomous driving in terms of communication, data transmission and networking) is moving to the center of current research and teaching activities.

Schulz, Wolfgang H. Prof Dr habil




Director of Institute

Schulz, Wolfgang H. Prof Dr habil
Head of Executive Education, Research Transfer & Entrepreneurship | Dean of Zeppelin University Executive Education | Director of the Center for Mobility Studies
Chair of Mobility, Trade & Logistics
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1610 (Lehrstuhl)
+49 7541 6009-1515 (ZUEE)
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1199
Room:Semi 1.04
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Research Fellow

Franck, Oliver
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1613
Room:Semi 0.01

Geilenberg, Vincent
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1612
Room:Semi | 0.01