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Teaching of the Civil Society Center | CiSoC

Especially in the master programs, the research seminar on "Social Entrepreneurship" is offered regularly with the following focus areas:

The meaning of social entrepreneurship
Social entrepreneurship and the for-profit sector
Non-profits, governments, and social entrepreneurship
Measuring and managing social impact and performance
Capital, funding, financing
Marketing in social ventures

Additionally, the two courses "Non-Profit Management" and "Non-Profit Sector" are offered with the following focus areas:

Welfare systems
Players in the social sector
Social finance
| New trends and developments
| Management of social organizations

Additional course offers with four contact hours each:

| Public Goods
| International Political Economics
| Non-profit Sector
| Non-profit-management
| Networks, Parties, Associations

In addition, students may graduate with a business plan for social enterprises.