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HUGIN Center for HUman capital, Growth & INnovation



The HUGIN Center for HUman Capital, Growth & INnovation is Zeppelin University´s multidisciplinary research center for answers to issues in human capital and growth.

To do this, the center analyzes three points of view:

  • Learning- and knowledge-based strategies for sustainable growth in companies
  • Correlations between learning and knowledge on the one hand and income and employment level in industries and professions on the other
  • Contribution of human capital to regional and national economic growth


For its analyses, HUGIN employs scholars from the areas of management strategy, micro- and macroeconomics, sociology, and philosophy. Basically, HUGIN welcomes every multidisciplinary use of analytic tools that focus on issues in human capital, growth, and innovation. HUGIN is chaired by Professor Dr Peer Ederer.


HUGIN´s research practice emphasizes empirical, if possible quantified and measured observations, as well as the use of concepts developed according to the MECE guidelines ("mutually exclusive, comprehensively exhaustive").


HUGIN´s research findings aim to be rigorous, relevant, and clear. They are to be relevant and immediately applicable for decision-makers in companies and society, and at the same time publishable in an academically rigorous way in renowned journals.


HUGIN works with research partners world-wide - from Asia, Africa to America - on issues of global, national, or regional importance. The working language at the HUGIN Center is English. Therefore this start profile is the only one offered in German as well, all other web pages are available in English only.