Academic events

Symposia, workshops and conferences

Academics at Zeppelin University regularly hold symposia, workshops and conferences. These events are primarily aimed at a high-level academic public as well as interested students at the University.

Events 2019

  • 10th – 12th October 2019 | „Cultures of Currencies“ | Internationale Konferenz in Cooperation with Stanford University | Zeppelin University Friedrichshafen

  • 22nd - 27th July 2019 | ACS Summer Institute 2019: The Future of Publics | Keynote Speakers: Margaret Borschke, Adam Haupt, Rolien Hoyng, Eric Maigret, Tanja Thomas | Zeppelin University |

Event archive


| 28th November 2018 | Lecture from the series Laws of War "Fragmented Evolution of International Humanitarian Law" | Prof. Dr. Elvira Rosert, Junior Professor at the University of Hamburg | Zeppelin University

| 14th November 2018 | Lecture from the series Laws of War "Autonomous weapons systems and changing warfare" | Dr. Ingvild Bode, Senior Lecturer at the University of Kent | Zeppelin University

| 7th November 2018 | Lecture from the series "Laws of War: Contemporary Problems and Solutions" | Prof. Dr. Hyeran Jo, Associate Professor at Texas A&M University | Zeppelin University

| 12th – 13th October 2018 | Workshop “Community in Crisis? Political Identification in Europe” | Zeppelin University |

| 21st September 2018 | Bodensee-Conference "Digital change - challenges, shaping, leadership" | Zeppelin University |

| 5th – 8th April 2018 | Conference "Brave New Worlds. Virtual Realities as a social phenomenon in museums, science and gaming" | Zeppelin University, Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen, University of Konstanzz

| 1st - 3rd February 2018 | Annual Conference "Science-Policy-Interfaces: Communication between Science and Politics" | Zeppelin University|


  • 27th – 28th October 2017 | Conference "Crises of Reality" | Zeppelin University
  • 19th – 23rd June 2017 | ZUGS | 4th interdisciplinary PhD Summer School: "Advances in Behavioral Ethics" | Zeppelin University


  • 28th & 29th October 2016 | "From Social Sculpture to Art Related Action" A Symposium on „Socially Engaged Art” at Zeppelin University
  • 14th - 15th October 2016 | Conference "Transcultural Leadership Summit" | Leadership Excellence Institute Zeppelin LEIZ at Zeppelin University
  • 30th September 2016 – 1st October 2016 | Workshop "Constructive Semantics, Meaning in between Phenomenology and Constructivism" | at Zeppelin University
  • 16th September 2016 | Conference "Business games and simulations in the University
  • 20th - 21st May 2016 | Workshop on "Communicative Genres" in the context of the project "Mediatized Media Reception Using the Example of Fictional Entertainment Programmes of German Television", funded by the DFG in SPP 1505


  • 11th November 2015 | A day with ..... Prof. Dr. Chantal Mouffe | Evening lecture: "The Role of Affects in Agonistic Politics"
  • 22nd – 23rd October 2015 | Scientific Practice and (Eco-)Political Activism - New Perspectives for Environmental Sociology | 12th Meeting of the Junior Research Group Environmental Sociology, Zeppelin University
  • 15th October 2015 | Prof. Dr. Eva Illouz | Hebrew University Jerusalem | Lecture: Is there an Authenticity?: Critical Reflexions on Subjectivity in the Era of Digital Capitalism
  • 15th - 19th June 2015 | PhD Summer School | "Critical Studies in the Art Market"
  • 12th - 13th June 2015 | "Co-Orientation in Media Reception: Practices of Second-Screen Use" in the context of the project "Mediatized Media Reception Using the Example of Fictional Entertainment Programmes of German Television", funded by the DFG in SPP 1505
  • 29th – 30th April 2015 | Kick-off workshop of the EnergyCultures Junior Research Group | Sustainability Science and the Search for New Knowledge Regimes
  • 10th - 12th April 2015 | PhD Symposium | "Management Classics"
  • 2nd - 3rd March 2015 | Conference of German-speaking research centres and institutes for family businesses 2015


  • 5th November 2014 | A day with….. Prof Dr Thomas Macho Workshop 1, 1.30 - 13.00: Command and advice: Amplification of a distinction according to Thomas Hobbes Workshop 2, 15.00 - 16.30: Role models or images? The history of proper names and portraits of individual animals 19.15 - 21.00: From case to case: methodological considerations for a conciliar casuistry

  • 8th – 10 October 2014 | DFG-Workshop on Behavioral Foundation of Public Service Motivation – Exchanging and Aligning Human Resource, Organizational Behavior and Public Administration Perspectives | Prof. Dr. Rick Vogel in Cooperation with Dr Fabian Homberg | Bournemouth University | Bournemouth, UK

  • 17th - 20th July 2014 | SoDoc-Workshop 2014 | 11th workshop of the expert group Sozialpsychologie for doctoral students of Social Psychology

An initiative of the Fachgruppe Sozialpsychologie of the German Psychological Association (DGP), the SoDoc meeting is an annual consultation possibility for PhD students in Social Psychology.

  • 3rd - 4th April 2014 | 2nd consumer research forum: The Limits of Rational Consumption | Prof. Dr. Lucia Reisch | Guest Professorship for Consumer Behavior & Consumer Policy


  • 29th May – 1st June 2013 | Conference | Influencing EU Politics: Mobilization and Representation of European Civil Society | chaired by Prof. Dr. Patrick Bernhagen, co-chaired by Prof. Dr. Daniel Naurin (Gothenburg University)

  • 13th March 2013 | 19-21 h | | Evening Lecture: Cultural Industries of Emotion

  • 13th March 2013 | 10-16 h | A Day with …Prof. Dr. Eva Illouz | Hebrew University Jerusalem

  • 13th March 2013, 10-16 h | Saving the Modern Soul - Therapy, Emotions and the Culture of Self-Help

  • 24th January 2013 | 1st Consumer Policy Expert Forum: Alternatives to the Information Paradigm of Consumer Policy | Prof. Dr. Peter Kenning, Prof. Dr. Lucia Reisch


  • 26th - 28th April 2012 | Friedrichshafen Family Entrepreneur Forum 2012 - the entrepreneurs' congress for the whole family | Main topic: "Rationality versus intuition

  • 14th - 16th March 2012 | Symposium on Administrative and Legal Informatics FTVI & FTRI 2012 | Scientific Conference with the Deutsche Telekom Institute for Connected Cities | TICC of Zeppelin University as co-organizer


  • 13th November 2011 | Internationaler Workshop zu Ehren von Arlie Russell Hochschild, UC Berkeley | Prof. Dr. Gertraud Koch in Zusammenarbeit mit Prof. Dr. Irene Götz, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

  • 30th May - 1st June 2011 | The Mathematics of Form: An International and Interdisciplinary Conference | Prof. Dr. Dirk Baecker | General Idea: To present and discuss ways to work with G Spencer-Brown's ideas of indications, distinctions, and forms in the fields of sociology, mathematics, philosophy, therapy, and consulting.

  • 13th April 2011 | A day with … Bruno LatourProf. Dr. Bruno Latour | Sciences Po Paris | Vice President for research

Research colloquia

Zeppelin University regularly holds research colloquia, in which academics from this and other universities can present and discuss current research. The colloquia are primarily aimed at academics as well as interested students at the University.

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