Bachelor of Arts in Communication, Culture & Management | CCM

A Project-Based Study Program

Combining intellectual tools and hand tools
A qualification in Communication & Cultural Sciences at ZU will, first and foremost, teach you how to think. Theories are learned by reading texts and then discussing these texts in seminars, with students refining their analytical and reflective skills in the process. A wide variety of study-related projects will then allow these intellectual tools to be put into practice in the development of hand tools. Our aim here is to see theory combined with its practical application. At ZU, we boast a huge portfolio of projects that students have completed in parallel with their studies. Here is just a small sample:

Student exhibition projects in the arts program

A selection of study-related projects in Communications and Cultural Management at ZU.
A selection of study-related projects in Communications and Cultural Management at ZU.

A selection of study-related projects in Communications and Cultural Management at ZU.

Artistic practices develop completely unique forms of reflecting the world. As a sensual and aesthetic mode of research, they are part of the societal production of knowledge. Zeppelin University's arts program therefore invites artists, students, academics, and guests to a public dialogue to discuss socially relevant topics.

As part of the artsprogram, CCM students continually develop and realize exhibition projects such as the recent one in the Memmingen art gallery where they addressed the question of whether and how mainstream culture is compatible with the individual.

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The student-run college magazine “futurdrei” features articles and reports on topics relevant to student life at ZU. Why not take a look:

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“Welle20” campus radio

The student radio station – live from the professional studio on the “Seecampus” (“Lakeside Campus”). Established by students seven years ago, and managed by students ever since, “Welle20” broadcasts a mix of music and news 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“Welle20” sees itself as Zeppelin University's very own training radio station for students, and invites them to sample life in the studio, either a host or a guest. We try to give our producers as much creative leeway as possible from the very start so that they can really let loose and try out new things whenever they like. Anyone who wants can continue to hone their skills and work towards becoming a professional with the help of coaches and lecturers in integrated classes. If you are a complete novice, then we can be your stepping stone towards a career in broadcasting and television.

Listen now: Welle20


Text as a medium is ubiquitous in a university. The “Filmwerk” (“Cinematographic Works”) is devoted to the medium of film – from both a theoretical and practical point of view. Here, interested students can train in the fundamentals of camera work, make documentaries about student events and projects, and produce films for the university.

Lange Nacht der Musik | Kulturfestival in Friedrichshafen

For the last five years, the “Lange Nacht der Musik” (“Long Night of Music”) festival has offered the public an eclectic musical program to suit all tastes. Classical, jazz, pop, hip-hop and electronic musicians from the region and bands from across Germany showcase their talents to a motley crew of music fans. There is something there for everyone, and it's always possible to discover some new sounds. The night of the 30th of April is traditionally a late one, finishing with a boisterous dance into the early hours of May.

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ZU bands | Luftschiffkapelle

Be it jazz, rock, pop, or whatever, we believe that the genre doesn't matter as long as the music is good. That's why it's probably no surprise that ZU is home to a diverse array of music groups. The university boasts its own rehearsal room and musical equipment at Seemooser Horn, thus allowing bands to practice and compose on campus.

As well as the groups that are already part of the furniture, such as jazz combo “Die Luftschiffkapelle”, or rock group “The Hindenburgs”, quirky, new bands are formed all the time, with the university's many events and festivals providing the perfect platform for their talents.

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Executive and Academic Program Director

Fischer, Jessica Elisabeth
Fischer, Jessica Elisabeth Dr phil
Program Director Communication, Culture & Management | CCM
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1305
Room:FAB 3 | 0.67
van den Berg, Karen
van den Berg, Karen Prof Dr phil
Academic Head of the artsprogram
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1311
Room:FAB 3 | 1.43
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