Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Management, Economics & Social Sciences | MES

Designing and Managing Sustainable Change

Designing and Managing Sustainable Change Photo: Ilja Mess | ZU
Designing and Managing Sustainable Change Photo: Ilja Mess | ZU

Designing and Managing Sustainable Change Photo: Ilja Mess | ZU

Our new Bachelor’s degree program Management, Economics & Social Sciences | MES conveys the necessary skills for emerging leaders to shape and manage sustainable business development. Students gain insights into a range of disciplines, from business administration and economics to psychology, sociology, and applied philosophy. In doing so, they acquire a deep understanding of the most pressing issues of our times: the climate crisis, changing demographics, social inequality and digital transformation.

Thanks to a highly diverse course offering, students have the freedom to explore their own interests and specialize in various fields. All coursework is in English. Part of the degree program is spent abroad and students gain several months of practical professional experienceeither through internships with two different companies or through their own startup project

With this degree, you can start a career in the management of national and international companies,in management consulting, as a founder of your own sustainability-oriented company, but also in public administration or relevant NGOs. Moreover, the program offers access to a wide range of Master programs. 

Let's shape the business world of tomorrow together! Discover your opportunities and become part of a sustainable change!

Facts & figures about the Bachelor's degree program
in Management, Economics & Social Sciences

Degree: Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.)

Standard period of study: 8 semesters (4 years)

ECTS points: 240

Course language: English

Language skills: English language proficiency of B2 or higher (CEFR)

Start date: Fall (September)

Subject area: Business and Economics

Contents: Interdisciplinarity from management, economics, psychology and other social sciences

Internationality: mandatory study abroad

Practical experience: two internships in Germany and abroad or own start-up project

Semester fee: € 7,200

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Research Focus & Teaching Content

The Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Management, Economics & Social Sciences | MES is located in the field of business administration and economics. The program is designed as a full-time course with intensive classroom teaching in small groups. You will benefit from an outstanding supervision ratio of 1:8 as well as the exchange with other committed and motivated students.

The program combines an entrepreneurial mindset with a high-quality academic education and provides an in-depth understanding of current social challenges such as climate change, social inequality and digital transformation. The wide range of options allow you to follow your personal interests and specialize in different areas thereby creating your own individual profile. During your studies, you will learn how to tackle complex problems, launch your own initiatives and drive sustainable change within and outside of companies. We want to give you the conviction that economic, ecological and social concerns as well as institutional, organizational and individual goals can be combined in such a way that sustainable social development can be achieved.

The Management, Economics & Social Sciences | MES degree program thus offers far more than a traditional management education, in which the term "sustainability" is often understood to mean nothing more than the long-term existence of companies and the achievement of permanently high profits.

Like all degree programs at ZU, the Bachelor's degree program in Management, Economics & Social Sciences | MES is interdisciplinary and research-oriented. Solving complex problems in a fundamentally changing world requires different perspectives. In addition, a deeper understanding of the fundamental relationships and mechanisms is required, which is difficult to develop by simply learning and reproducing specialist content.

Study Program & Course

The Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Management, Economics & Social Sciences | MES program consists of a Zeppelin Foundation, a Major phase, a Humboldt year and a Bachelor phase.

The Zeppelin Foundation

  • In the Zeppelin Foundation, you will lay the scientific and methodological foundations for your further studies and put them into practice as part of the Zeppelin Project. Together with other students, you will work on your own research topic and hone important key skills such as creative and critical thinking, complex problem solving, coordination with other people and the ability to engage in lifelong learning.

The Major Phase

  • In the Major Phase, the MES-specific subject content is taught. The courses are divided into the three pillars of sustainability – planet, people, prosperity – and include introductory courses in business psychology, entrepreneurship, accounting and finance, and economics in the first two semesters. The course "Natural Resources, Humanity and Demography" focuses on the complex relationships between the available natural resources and the development of the economy and society. You will learn about various approaches that critically examine the "limits to growth". In the second year of study, further subject content is taught (Economics of Climate Change, Public Policies, Economics of Inequality, Responsible Leadership, Digital Transformation and Change Management, Market-Oriented Management, as well as Digital Transformation and Entrepreneurship) and the methodological training is continued with courses in advanced statistics, econometrics and data science. From the fifth semester onwards, you can choose from a variety of courses from the fields of management, economics and social sciences to create your own individual profile.

Humboldt Year

  • In the Humboldt Year, you can dedicate yourself to your own research project before working on your Bachelor's thesis and completing your degree in the Bachelor's phase.

  • Semester 1 | Zeppelin Foundation
    30 ECTS credits
  • Semesters 1-8 | Major Phase
    amounting to 172 ECTS credits
  • Semesters 6-7 | Humboldt Year
    24 ECTS credits
  • Semester 8 | Bachelor Phase
    14 ECTS credits

Practical Orientation, study abroad & Connections

The Bachelor's degree program at Zeppelin University meets the highest academic standards and at the same time has a high practical orientation. For us, theory and practice are not contradictory - on the contrary, we believe that they should be combined as part of a high-quality and effective education. In our courses, theoretical approaches are always combined with practical applications or supplemented by case studies from the field.

To enable students to gain their own practical experience, the Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Management, Economics & Social Sciences | MES  includes a compulsory work placement component. Here you can complete two internships in Germany and abroad or dedicate yourself to your own start-up project, either alone or as part of a team. The ZU PioneerPort will support you with your start-up. You can also get involved in one of the many student initiatives at ZU - and put what you have learned directly into practice!

The degree program allows you to develop your individual profile in the three fields of the program's title. This gives you the opportunity to pursue a Master's degree in Management, Economics or another social science.


In the MES degree program all seminars are taught in English.

As part of the compulsory study abroad, you can expand your language skills, your cultural horizon and your own international network.

Here is a small selection:

Scholarships & Funding

Tuition fees for the Bachelor of Science in Management, Economics & Social Sciences amount to € 7,200 per semester. There are many individual financing options for your studies at ZU:

We award scholarships not only for exceptional achievements, but also to applicants with a strong commitment to cultural, political or social issues.

Financing options

Individual financing options are available for your studies at ZU:

Selection Procedure

A numerus clausus does not play a role for our degree courses. You can enrich our university with your curiosity, your questions and your thirst for knowledge. We look forward to you becoming part of our inspiring learning environment!

To find out whether the Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in Management, Economics & Social Sciences | MES is the right degree program for you, we have developed our own selection process (Pioneers Wanted!). This gives you the opportunity to learn more about our university on the selection day, get to know professors and staff better and give us an insight into your personal areas of interest and ways of thinking.

The prerequisite for your participation in one of our selection days is an online application in our application portal. If your application is rated positively, you will receive an invitation from our applicant advisory service.

Zeppelin University selection day
Zeppelin University selection day

Application & Deadlines

Your online application for a place on the Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) in Management, Economics & Social Sciences | MES begins with a written CV and a letter of motivation. We need your school and degree certificates to check whether they meet our admission criteria.

Our application portal gives you the opportunity to choose the right selection day for you. Please note the relevant application deadlines so that we can consider your application documents in good time.

You can find all the necessary application documents for your online application and the exact procedure for applying for a study place as well as the FAQs here.

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