Executive Master of Science in Business & Leadership for Engineers | eMA BEL

Setup & Content

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Mandatory Modules

10 Modules & Project Work | to the extent of 52 ECTS

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  • Module 1 | Strategic Management
  • Module 2 | Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Module 3 | Organizational Structure and Human Resources
  • Module 4 | Banking and Finance
  • Module 5 | Innovation and Technology Management
  • Module 6 | Business Model Innovation
  • Module 7 | Diversity and Change Management
  • Module 8 | International Academy I 
    Diversity, Transcultural and International Management
  • Module 9 | International Academy II
    Diversity, Transcultural and International Management
  • Module 10   | The Future of International Business and Leadership

Project Work

Project Work | to the extent of 12 ECTS

Application and transfer of knowledge is central to the program.

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  • Throughout their study, participants will work on a business project and apply the knowledge gained.
  • Furthermore, participants will strengthen their leadership and business skills on an ongoing basis. Guided by trainers and coaches, using personalized and experience-based learning formats, participants will extend their ability to effectively lead international projects and drive innovation.

Elective Modules

2 out of 4 Modules | to the extent of 8 ECTS

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  • Trend Research and Scenario Technique
  • Entrepreneurial Finance and Corporate Venturing
  • Legal, Political and Social Impact of Digitalization
  • Consumer Behavior and Marketing

Master Thesis

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scientific paper | to the extent of 30 ECTS

During the program, participants become familiar with a range of academic perspectives on business and leadership. The masters thesis allows participants to deepen a topic of their choice and examine it systematically.

  • Thesis Defence
  • Masters Thesis