Executive Master of Science in Digital Pioneering | eMA DIP


Since the founding of the university, all study programs of ZU have been quality assured by program accreditations. In September 2013, ZU secured the system accreditation after a complex peer-review process and thus the highest level of the national quality accreditation.

Thus, all 14 study programs of ZU - bachelor, master and part-time master programs – fulfill the quality standards and requirements of the Accreditation Council and the Conference of German Cultural Ministers. Thus, the eMA DIP program has been accredited since its beginning in 2012 by AQUIN.
The special recognition of the quality of our programs by the accreditation agencies refers to positioning, teaching staff, thematic orientation, and especially teaching and learning formats, as well as additional services.

Additionally, ZU was accredited by the Science Council as early as 2009. Furthermore, in September 2011, following the recommendation by the Science Council, ZU was granted the independent right to confer doctorates by the Ministry of Science, Research and the Arts Baden-Württemberg (MWK). Thus, it is now ranked equally to state universities, also regarding formal aspects of academics and research.


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