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Executive Master of Digital Pioneering | eMA DIP

Module 1 | Innovation & technology management

Module 2 | Business Model Development

Content & Learning outcome:

These two modules are the fundamentals for both: To set up basic knowledge about innovation on digital markets and to start up your own digital business project properly. We commonly want to address the following questions:

| How do inventions become innovations?
| How can technologies be monitored and evaluated?
| Which technologies enable us to achieve a quantum leap?
| How can potentially disruptive technologies be identified?
| What methods are there for rapid prototyping and speedy product development?
| What are sources of innovation and how to use communities and social media (open innovation)?
| Which are important?
| How do we develop digital business models? How do we devise a business players and roles in the innovation process and how to organize innovation?
| What is the right way to assess risk?
| How can we work together internationally to design business models?
| How do we take into account the different value chains and target markets?
| What are the business models of major players such as Apple/Google or HP/IBM like?
| Which are valuable key performance indicators and R&D metrics for
innovation and business models?

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