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Future business models within the transport and mobility sector will no longer be based alongside conventional transport modes, but rather have to focus on the integration and interconnection of transport, technology, and communication in order to make mobility more time- and cost-efficient.

„The Executive Master in Mobility Innovations fills a gap in the German academic scene by training experts from the areas of transport, travel, infrastructure, and industry to think and work in a connected, interlinked, and interdisciplinary way.

Holger Taubmann | Senior Vice President Distribution, Amadeus IT Group

The new 24-month Executive Master of Mobility Innovations offers an excellent opportunity for professionals working in the transport sector and related fields (private, public, and non-profit sector) to be trained as Mobility Innovation Managers to understand the structures, functionalities, and challenges of the transport and logistics sector, their interconnections and future trends. Moreover, participants will work on their own business idea throughout the program.

We aim at educating mobility experts who are able to think outside the box of their own profession and grasp the complexity of open and interconnected transport markets. 

The participants will learn to evaluate national and global mobility markets in order to generate and implement new business models. The interdisciplinary program covers technological and economic aspects which are the foundations of any business model innovation. No less important is the knowledge transfer of the sociological frameworks and psychological backgrounds of the users, crucial for any implementation strategy. The participants will learn how the different transport markets and sectors work; the  challenges mobility and transport face in a globalized world in different cultural settings; how these challenges lead to new paradigms, and what technology has to offer in order to organize efficient and sufficient transport and logistics processes.

The Program at a Glance

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  • Aim: education of intersciplinary mobility innovation managers
  • Key economic, societal, cultural, environmental, and technological aspects of global mobility
  • Duration: 24 months
  • Scope: 10 modules of attendance, 2 e-learning modules, and self-study
  • Language of instruction: English
  • Locations: Friedrichshafen, Bad Homburg, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Lyon, Brussels
  • Degree: Master of Arts, accredited
  • Tuiton fees: 25,900 Euros
  • Next Program Start: upon request

Set-up & Content

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The part-time Master's degree program is unique in its intersectoral and intermodal approach towards transport and mobility issues, as well as its integration of technical aspects. It also offers new and innovative teaching formats: In addition to attendance modules, networking events, and a European learning journey to Brussels, two modules are held as online e-learning elements.

The program imparts the complexity of mobility markets and it deeply focusses on the interconnections of transport sectors:

  • Mobility & Transport Research: What are human needs and habits regarding mobility, what are infrastructural and regulatory requirements, how can transport and logistics be efficiently organized and what is the scope of improvement? Moreover, how can this complexity be addressed and managed?
  • Market Trends & Technological Innovations: What is the state of the art of products and technologies, how can we identify trends? How can change be initiated (normative as well as market-based change), and what are the new technological developments to enable this change?
  • Business Model Innovation & Implementation: How do trends become paradigm shifts and how can these paradigm shifts lead to new business models? How can we realize opportunities and what are strategies for implementation?


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Intermodal business model innovations in the mobility sector need an international perspective. That is why the curriculum focusses on international developments and participants learn about mobility in another professional background: One module takes place at the "Laboratoire d’Economie des Transports" at the University of Lyon and the International Fall Academy in Brussels enables participants to learn about European transport policies.


Development Partners & Expertise

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The Executive Master in Mobility Innovations strongly relies on the scientific expertise at Zeppelin University, especially at the Center for Mobility Studies | CfM, taking into account the latest trends in the mobility sector. In addition to that, leading companies support the study program.


Tuition fees

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The overall tuition fee for the two-year Executive Master in Mobility Innovations | eMA Mobi is 25,900 €.


Admission requirements & Application

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The Executive Master in Mobility Innovations | eMA Mobi is a part-time study program. It adresses experts from the mobility sector with at least a Bachelor's degree and one year of professional experience.

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Next program start: upon request.

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Academic Program Leader

Schulz, Wolfgang H Prof Dr habil
Speaker of the Faculty of Business & Economics | Director Center for Mobility Studies | CfM
Chair of Mobility, Trade & Logistics
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1610
Fax:+49 7541 6009-1199
Room:Semi 0.07