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Planned in 2007, moved into in 2008: the University building on the LakeCampus, located right on the shores of Lake Constance - many call it "Germany's most beautiful campus".
Learning and Reading with a View: The Library of ZU Offers You 24-Hour Access and a Comprehensive Service.
Live right at Lake Constance! Whether you live as a student with a family in the Lake Constance region (a project implemented by the student initiative “Gemeinsam Leben”), or whether you find a flat sharing possibility via “Seezeit” or “HousingAnywhere”: you will find further information here.
Every day, the cafeteria provides a balanced lunch offer to students, lecturers, and staff. Whether regional cuisine such as “Spätzle mit Soß”, international specialities, or fresh selections from the salad bar – here everyone will find something for their taste.
Sports in the Lake Constance region is as various as the region itself: Sailing, rowing, climbing, volleyball, soccer or lacrosse – everyone will find something suitable from the range of offers of ZU university sports.
The university sees itself as a platform and an arena of ideas where students are already active during their studies: socially, culturally, politically, and in an entrepreneurial way.
Do you wonder why the contents of the study programs are made by professors, but not also by students? That some topics you would be interested in are not even part of the curriculum? We wonder as well. That is why we have invented StudentStudies: Ten students define a topic, develop a seminar concept, and invite the lecturer. And then they study their own seminar.

You Can't Decide between Economics, Culture, and Politics? Neither Can We.

We prefer good in-between solutions – do you? The four bachelor programs at Zeppelin University are aimed at generalists capable of specialization. 

In other words, students who are equally interested in the exciting issues at the crossroads between economics, communication, culture, politics, and administration – such as globalization, migration climate change, digitalization, ecology – and who want to be connoisseurs in their own field.

According to ZU, a new generation is needed for future challenges in a globalizing knowledge society – a generation of responsible decision-makers and creative thinkers who have an eye for, and an understanding of, inter-connectedness.

Study Programs

Corporate Management & Economics | CME

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ZU reacted to challenges in management education with a new (by German standards) type of research-oriented, entrepreneurial qualification for generalists. The novelty lies in the connection between business administration and economics with cultural sciences, communication and media studies, as well as aspects of political science and the science of public administration. 

Communication, Culture & Management | CCM

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In societies of today, knowledge of different cultures and actionability within those cultures are more sought-after than ever. Likewise the demands on communication practices have increased dramatically. For that reason communication skills and cultural knowledge are key qualifications for the 21st century. Our Our study program "Communication, Culture & Management" meets these challenges.

Politics, Administration & International Relations | PAIR

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ZU offers an innovative training and research program in the form of management-oriented politics and administrative sciences with international relations, in which social scientific elements of organizational research and policy research are combined with economics, management skills, and the most important elements of public law.

Sociology, Politics & Economics | SPE

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The study program "Sociology, Politics & Economics" (SPE) is a full-time program and planned as a four-year, interdisciplinary bachelor program. Based on classical and current theories in the relevant disciplines of sociology, political science, and economics the program aims to teach decision logic, decision-making processes and competences for complex, insecure situations as they are required in modern, heterogeneous societies and in the context of globalized activities in business and politics. Thus, the program focuses on problems that require an interdisciplinary exchange between social, political and economic sciences.The bachelor study program "Sociology, Politics, & Economics" (SPE) is a degree course of four years. Based on classical and current theories and methods to do research in the relevant disciplines of socioloy, political science, and economics the program aims to teach modeling, critical understanding, decision-taking under uncertainty, and dealing with complexity as competencies required in contemporary societies, cultures of diversity, and globalized activities in business and politics. The program emphasized interdisciplinarity as an exchange between social, political, and economic sciences and as a mutual reflection on the range, scope, and limits of these disciplines. The program aims to qualify for professional activities of research and consulting in political administration, international organizations, corporate management, and civil society.

General Management | MA GEMA

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The General Management master degree is an academic study program with a practical theory-based relevance. The course provides theoretical and practical knowledge relating to general business administration and economics. Alongside established management qualifications you will acquire the know-how to autonomously perform academic research work


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Incoming students are free to choose courses from any program. Master level courses are usually restricted to master students.

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Academic Calendar

Spring Semester 2016:

orientation week | january 23, 2016 - january 29, 2016
start of classes | january 25, 2016
block week | january 25 - january 29, 2016

reading week | may 5 - may 11, 2016
examination period | may 12 - may 31, 2016

Fall Semester 2016:

orientation week | september 3, 2016 - september 9, 2016
start of classes | september 5, 2016
block week | september 5 - september 9, 2016
reading week | december 3 - december 8, 2016
examination period | december 9 - december 22, 2016


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