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Tailor-Made Offers

"What differences should it make?"

Zeppelin University sees itself as a university embedded in society that offers not only study programs for 18 to 35-year-olds, but also facilitates life-long learning. More than that, we also offer continuing education tailored to demand. That means we get together with you to design your educational program based on your concrete requirements.

Our Positioning

Dr. Angelica Marte - Senior Research Fellow LEIZ

Zeppelin University Tailor-Made occupies a position on the further education market as a program of co-created, academic, and process-supporting continuing education. Our approach can be described with four words beginning with "I".


Bring your own problem - you yourself know best what you need. And you decide whether we work together here beside the lake or at your facility.


Research-based content production informed by business, culture, and politics - always in line with your requirements


Further education for us covers not only pure personnel development, but also elements of company development and business model innovation - a hybrid solution.

Innovative and constructive learning formats

Learning as an experience-driven process means applying your own and external perspectives to your learning.


| Audi AG
| Gerresheimer AG
| Otto GmbH & Co. KG
| Thalia Holding GmbH
| ZF Friedrichshafen AG
| Zeppelin GmbH


Schulz, Wolfgang H. Prof Dr habil
Head of Executive Education, Research Transfer & Entrepreneurship | Dean of Zeppelin University Executive Education | Director of the Center for Mobility Studies
Chair of Mobility, Trade & Logistics
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Franck, Oliver
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Smolka, Stanley
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