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Planned in 2007, moved into in 2008: the University building on the LakeCampus, located right on the shores of Lake Constance - many call it "Germany's most beautiful campus".
Live in a shared apartment with other German and international students in the city of Friedrichshafen or find a flat in the dorms (Seezeit) right next to our Fallenbrunnen campus! It is up to you!
Learning and Reading: The Library of ZU Offers 24-Hour Access and a Comprehensive Service.
Every day, the cafeteria provides a balanced lunch offer to students, lecturers, and staff. Whether regional cuisine such as “Spätzle mit Soß”, international specialities, or fresh selections from the salad bar – here everyone will find something for their taste.
A lively area with colleges, further education providers, cultural producers, businesses, and housing complexes will take shape in the Fallenbrunnen area in the next few years. With this project the new Campus of ZU is making a big statement.
Sports in the Lake Constance region is as various as the region itself: Sailing, rowing, climbing, volleyball, soccer or lacrosse – everyone will find something suitable from the range of offers of ZU university sports.
The university sees itself as a platform and an arena of ideas where students are already active during their studies: socially, culturally, politically, and in an entrepreneurial way.
Do you wonder why the contents of the study programs are made by professors, but not also by students? That some topics you would be interested in are not even part of the curriculum? We wonder as well. That is why we have invented StudentStudies: Ten students define a topic, develop a seminar concept, and invite the lecturer. And then they study their own seminar.

Research Orientation for Practical Application

It is empirically proven that only through focusing on research you can ensure the successful practical application of skills. Studies prove that a focus on research in master programmes has a positive effect both on the HR managers' perception of the employee and the quality of education itself, as well as on the average starting salary, which is around 1,000 U.S. dollars higher. But above all, the focus on research makes for a degree course where the collective acquisition of knowledge takes priority. Outstanding theses and research projects will be awarded and published in zu|würfe.

A Quick Outline of Our Courses

For Those Who Plan; For Those Who Contemplate; For Lateral Thinkers: Advanced Master Programmes and Programmes for Non-Specialists

"What distinguishes ZU academics is a very productive mix of academic substance and pragmatic curiosity about the phenomena of their work."

Ilja Kompasov | CCM Master Graduate

The challenge – heterogeneity instead of monoculture: ZU also offers master programs in "Communication & Cultural Management" and "Politics, Administration & International Relations" to students who did their undergraduate studies in another discipline. Because we love variety and interdisciplinarity – despite the associated difficulties, and because of them. And also because we've had good experiences in the process: be it the biotechnologist who got a job at McKinsey through her master's in Economics; the architect who switched to public administration after studying Public Management & Governance; or the Swiss Lord Mayor who's studying Public Management again.

In our "Master in General Management" we even have a study programme specially for prospective economists who didn't study any economic subjects in their undergraduate studies. We believe in the productivity of heterogeneity. After all, preferences change sometimes.

Generalism That Can Specialize

We don't believe in limited specialists: an interest should be developed with passion and its scope should serve to inspire. Specialization only makes sense if you are prepared to invest your time and your passion in your chosen field. Only you can decide what that is! Our master programmes offer a wide range of choices. So that you can choose what's best for you.
In addition you can also do a minor in Communication and Cultural Management, in Political Management & Governance or in Economics. This additional qualification would, of course, then be on your certificate.

Language Requirements

Although a good number of courses are offered in English at ZU, students will not be in a position to complete a degree programme in English. Knowledge of English is preferred; knowledge of German is an absolute necessity. ZU requires that all degree-seeking applicants demonstrate a minimum of intermediate-level German skills.