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Scholarships & financing

To study at ZU is to invest in your future. The tuition fees you pay cover approximately one third of the actual cost of your studies at ZU. The remaining costs are borne by friends and sponsors of the university.

The fees per semester of the two-year master´s program come to €6,090. This is the equivalent of €1,015  a month if paid per semester. Thus, the cost of an four--semester program, if paid per semester, is €24,360.

The following services are included:

  • Registration
  • Exams
  • Use of the sports facilities
  • Membership of the student association “StudentLounge e.V.”

Studying at Zeppelin University costs more than at state universities. This is because we are a privately funded university, meaning we are completely independent. We want all new entrants to be able to study with us regardless of their financial background. That's why we provide the following student finance options:

Financing options

Student loans at Sparkasse Herford

Example of a student loan from Sparkasse Herford. | Source: Sparkasse Herford

At Sparkasse Herford, you can avail of a student loan without the need for collateral, and regardless of your income, your receipt of BAföG student grants, or your parents' income.

Going to college usually involves not just adapting to a new environment and new personal circumstances, but also to a new financial situation. Sparkasse Herford provides student loans for educational materials, study fees, living expenses or studying abroad, leaving you free to devote your full attention to your studies.

You can agree a customized withdrawal plan with Sparkasse Herford and then arrange a personal repayment plan after your studies. This may include up to two years of interest-only payments.

After being granted a loan by Sparkasse Herford, every student who is offered a place at Zeppelin University after the selection process can potentially start their studies, even without the involvement of their parents.

Educational Fund: Downstream student finance

Example Educational Fund

The ZU Educational Fund is an innovative model of student finance, where you pay no tuition fees during your studies. Well-known financiers will cover the costs for you. After you graduate, you repay the tuition fees based on your income. This is done by paying a total of ten percent of your gross income for a duration of ten years. In the event that you earn a gross income of less than €25,000, you do not have to make any repayments.

For example: If your tuition fees come to €30,000 in total, your monthly tuition fees of €650 will be paid. After you start working (and only once your gross income is more than €30,000 a year), your tuition fees are due for repayment. In this case you will pay ten percent of this gross figure, which comes to €250 per month.

KfW student loan

The KfW student loan will provide finance of between €100 (minimum) and €650 (maximum) per month during your studies at Zeppelin University – without the need to provide collateral, and independently of your income/assets.

It is possible to combine the KfW student loan with other student support programs such as the government education loan or the BAföG student grant.


Every year, Zeppelin University awards scholarships to outstanding applicants. The scholarships are funded by partners and sponsors of the University and are limited to study courses at ZU.

Team of Applicant Advisory & Admissions

Dierolf Nadine, Hurlebaus Silvia, Wallace Birgit
Dierolf Nadine, Hurlebaus Silvia, Wallace Birgit
Team Admissions
Phone:+49 7541 6009-2000
Room:FAB 3 | 0.31
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