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No money = no degree?

That’s not how it works at Zeppelin University (ZU)! We believe that nothing should stand in the way of your education. This is why ZU offers a variety of individualized funding options and scholarships to make your studies possible.

ZF Campus | Photo: ZU/Maximilian Klein
ZF Campus | Photo: ZU/Maximilian Klein

Please contact Ms. Elisa Massola for an overview of the financing options.

Financing through study funds

You can finance all or part of your studies (including a part of your living expenses) by means of funds (collection of money from investors).

You are then required to pay back an amount that is based on your personal current income, at the earliest one year after you have finished your degree. You are exempt from repayment if your income is below a specified minimum level (fund-dependent).

Please note: Enrollment at Zeppelin University does not guarantee direct access to a fund. BrainCapital and Deutsche Bildung use their own criteria when awarding funds.

Please note: A study place at Zeppelin University does not guarantee you direct access to a fund. BrainCapital and Deutsche Bildung use their own criteria when awarding funds.

ZU Education Fund from our financing partner BrainCapital

The ZU Education Fund is an innovative study program funding model, which allows you to pay no tuition fees during your studies. Well-known capital providers cover the costs for you. The tuition fees are due once you graduate, according to your income.

Education and student funding supplied by Deutsche Bildung

Young students may apply for up to 30,000 Euro to cover their study and living expenses with the study fund. Later, their income-based repayments contribute to the effectiveness of the Reverse Generation Contract principle, enabling new students to study.

BrainCapital | ZU Education FundDeutsche Bildung | Education Fund
Financial AidAssumption of tuition fees and/or living expenses | No cost during studies| 3.000 – 30.000 € | monthly/semiannual/one-time payment | Max Advancement: 48 months
Repayment| 1 year after career entry | Minimal income / maximum limit | Max. 10 years | Payback is fixed % of income| Start of payback: individual choice | Portion of income (3% - 10%) | 3–10 years | Minimal income / maximum limit | Pause of payback possible
Other stipulations| EU-citizenship, Norway, Switzerland | Minimum funding of 10.000€ | Possible start with the beginning of each semester | Not depending on parent’s income | To combine with other scholarships and BAfög| EU-citizenship, Permanent residence permit | Application is possible all year around | Not depending on parent’s income | To combine with other scholarships and BAfög

Bank-financed student loans

A bank loan provides the best possible flexibility. You can adjust your required funding and individually increase or decrease it. After graduation, you pay back a monthly amount.

Please note: A study place at Zeppelin University does not guarantee you direct access to a financed student loan. Each financing bank decides individually on the basis of its own criteria and specifications when awarding a student loan.

KfW Student Loan and Education Loan

With a Student Loan from KfW or an Education Loan, you can secure targeted support to finance your living expenses while studying at Zeppelin University.

KfW StudienkreditKfW Bildungskredit
Financing| Between 100 - 650€ | Interest applies during studies| 100, 200, 300€ / monthly | Max. up to 2 years | Max. 7.200€ | One-time payment of partial sum possible (3.600€) | No interest
Repayment| Last payout plus 18 months | Up to 25 years | Flexible increase or decrease or stop of monthly payout| 4 years after first payout | Monthly rate 120€ (interest and principal) | Individual amortization
Other| EU-Citizen (registered since 3 years) | Domestic Education | Application 3 months before start of studies | Semester on vacation will not be paid out| Permanent residence in Germany according to §8 BAföG

State Subsidies

In addition to bank-financed student loans and funds, state support is also available.


BAföG – which is government funding - is interest-free. Eligibility and amount of the award depends on several factors, such as parental income, residential situation and the number of siblings. You will have to repay half of the loan (max. €10,000 in total) five years after graduation.

Child Benefit

State benefits are available as long as the child is attending school up to the age of 25. The allocated amount varies depending on the number of children and starts at approximately 200 Euro per month for each child.

Further information is available here: Federal Employment Agency.

Tuition fee reductions

If you receive a reduction in tuition fees, it is granted for the entire duration of studies – even if the studies are extended due to a stay abroad or an internship.

Support from one of the 13 Federations for the Gifted (Begabtenförderungswerke)

Master's students who are already receive or have received a scholarship (undergraduate) from one of the Federations for the Gifted are eligible for a 25% (percent) discount on full tuition fees.

Get to know the federations for the gifted.

Further information

Internal applicants

ZU bachelor graduates receive a 50% (percent) waiver on the total tuition fees if they decide to continue their master studies at ZU.


Every year, Zeppelin University awards scholarships to outstanding applicants. The scholarships are sponsored by partners and sponsors of the university and are directly tied to a study program at ZU. A ZU-scholarship is awarded for the standard period of study or for individual semesters.

Here is an overview of our scholarship offers:

Scholarship | for those who begin a bachelor and master program

Zeppelin University awards the ZU Scholarship to committed people with special life paths.

We award a limited number of scholarships for 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% tuition remission over the entire standard period of study.

Find out about application criteria and how to apply for a ZU scholarship:

You can apply for the ZU scholarship by submitting a one-page letter of motivation as part of the online study place application.

Scholarships | Bachelor or Master

Next to ZU scholarships, students who are already enrolled in undergraduate or graduate programs may apply for the following scholarships while studying:

Tuition fees

Studying at Zeppelin University is an investment in your future. Paying tuition covers approximately a third of the cost of your studies. The remaining cost is financed by friends and sponsors of the university.

Depending on your preference, tuition can be paid either per semester or monthly (small surcharge). It is not possible to pay the total amount in a one payment.

Semester payment

If you opt for semester payment, you pay the tuition fees per semester (for each half-year). The fees are always collected in January and September. This means 8 payments for the 4-year bachelor's program, (standard period of study) and 4 payments for the 2-year master's program (standard period of study).
Semester contribution; total tuition fees

BachelorSemester contributiontotal tuition fees
BA CME 4Y€ 5,490€ 43,920
BA CME 3Y€ 6,240€ 37,440
BA CCM/PAIR/SPE€ 4,800€ 38,400
MasterSemester contributiontotal tuition fees
PAIR/PMD/IRGP 2Y€ 5,070€ 20,280
CME/GEMA/IRMA/DS 2Y€ 6,090€ 24,360
PAIR 1Y€ 6,990€ 13,980
CME 1Y€ 8,700€ 17,400

Monthly payment

If paying monthly, the total cost of tuition is divided into monthly installments. This means 48 monthly installments for the 4-year bachelor's program (standard period of study) and 24 monthly installments for the 2-year master's program (standard period of study).

Bachelormonthly paymenttotal tuition fees
BA CME 4Y€ 940€ 45,120
BA CME 3Y€ 1,065€ 38,340
BA CCM/PAIR/SPE€ 825€ 39,600
Mastermonthly paymenttotal tuition fees
PAIR/PMD/IRGP 2Y€ 870€ 20,880
CME/GEMA/IRMA/DS 2Y€ 1,035€ 24,840
PAIR 1Y€ 1,165€ 13,980
CME 1Y€ 1,490€ 17,880

Scholarships & Financing

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