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ZU and its Locations

ZU and its locations LakeCampus and ZF Campus

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ZU was established in 2003 and has grown continually since then. Accordingly, more teachers, students and employees need more room to research, to teach, to learn, and to work. ZU has also grown and developed at its numerous locations. You can find an informative overview of the university's locations on the following pages: the LakeCampus can be found at Seemooser Horn in Friedrichshafen. The building of our new Campus at Fallenbrunnen CreativeQuarter has been completed in autumn of 2015.

LakeCampus - located right on the shores of Lake Constance

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Planned in 2007, moved into in 2008: the new building on the LakeCampus at Seemooser Horn, located right on the shores of Lake Constance, or as German TV station ZDF have put it, on the "Lake of Good Hope" – not many can claim to have Germany's most beautiful campus. This 3,400 square meter cube houses ten seminar rooms, twelve project rooms for student initiatives, offices, research laboratories, the foyer for large events and the library with 100 work stations, as well as the lounge and the See|e – our cafeteria. The new building is seen as a platform for communication between science and society – a place in which research and teaching sit side-by-side with enjoyment and recreation.

Lake Campus

From an architectural point of view, the four story building is noteworthy for its fully glazed facade which offers outward and inward views as well as a wonderful vista of Lake Constance. It combines aesthetic and functionality in equal measure, thereby symbolizing the character, the ideas, and the principles of ZU.

The "See|e" is a single-storey connection between the new construction and the earlier building, consisting primarily of office spaces for scientists and employees. The peculiar form of this group of buildings is due to the fact that, viewed from above, they are designed to resemble a semicolon.

ZF Campus - our new main campus

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Only a stone's throw from the former temporary ContainerUni is the new ZF Campus at No. 3 Fallenbrunnen. With the completion of the future university building – a combination of historical form (old building) and modern architecture (new building) – everything is fully operational since atumn 2015. This marked the completion of the existing LakeCampus. The construction project at the former barracks at Fallenbrunnen is being made possible courtesy of a generous donation of 20 million euro from ZF Friedrichshafen AG to the ZU Foundation. Through these means the ZU Foundation is largely able to finance the construction and renovation project.

ZF Campus

The library, which is being relocated to Fallenbrunnen from Seemooser Horn, can be found on the ground floor of the new building, just behind the check-in area. In addition, the ground floor houses the cafeteria. On the upper floor of the new building there are mainly workrooms and seminar rooms with an open space between each room. These spaces are put to sensible use as students can work there in small groups. In the old building, office spaces for around 120 employees and scientists are being constructed. Apart from this there are also seminar rooms and open work spaces. A highlight of the new ZF Campus will be the forum which will span several floors. It will resemble an amphitheater and function as a type of main auditorium – a 450 seater venue for lectures and events. All-in-all the new ZF Campus comprises 14,500 square meters.

A lively area with colleges, further education providers, cultural producers, businesses, and housing complexes will take shape in Fallenbrunnen in the next few years. With this project the new ZF Campus is making a big statement.