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Said Djamil Werner has been appointed new Student Vice President

22-year-old Said Djamil Werner has been appointed new Student Vice President of ZU. Since July 01, the bachelor student of Communication & Cultural Management has replaced Martin Bukies, whose term of office ended after a year as scheduled. For one year, Werner will be a full-time and fully integrated Board Member and will contribute a student perspective on various issues.

"I am thrilled about the appointment to an exciting position that is still unique in Germany", Werner says. "I will put special emphasis on the interface between the administration and the student body, which always needs a communication channel." As Student Vice President it will be my main concern to serve as this channel". During his term of office, Werner also wants to promote multi-dimensional sustainability at ZU. "That means, corresponding to the idea of a university that allows its biggest group of stakeholders, i.e. the students, to play an active role in the university´s development".

Said Djamil Werner was born in Frankfurt am Main and grew up in Neuss, where he did his university entrance examination ("Abitur"). He holds a study scholarship from the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Freedom and has been a bachelor student at ZU since the spring semester 2016, first in the program Politics, Administration & International Relations, meanwhile in the program Communication & Cultural Management. In addition to his studies, Werner has been active at ZU, e.g. as a full member of the Student Council, as student representative for digitalization, and as a student assistant with the Student Vice President. He has also done a lot of voluntary work, for example politically as a member of the board of the "Bundesverband Liberaler Hochschulgruppen" (Federal Association of Liberal University Groups) and has shown his social commitment with his social enterprise "Mavericks Foundation e.V." which supports setting up exemplary schools in Tanzania and Uganda. Besides this, he has been a consultant to social enterprises, e.g. for foundations, the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, companies, and NGOs.

"Numerous issues and projects both within the university and beyond have been brought about by the initiative of the Student Vice Presidents. Thus, they have had an effect not only on the university in the areas of studying, research, and teaching, but also on society and its bond to the region. Zeppelin University has now had the position of Student Vice President for seven years, and this position has become an integral part of ZU", President Professor Dr. Insa Sjurts says on the occasion of the change in office - thanking the last office holder Martin Bukies for his commitment and looking forward to the cooperation with Said Djamil Werner on the Board.

The assumption of office by the new Student Vice President at the same time means the end of the term of office for Martin Bukies, who will now continue his master program in Politics, Administration & International Relations. "It was a fantastic year with exciting insights and the great chance to introduce a new, sometimes maybe even challenging, perspective into the university management". He summarizes his term of office by saying, "I am especially happy that we have focused more on the topic `studying healthily´".

29-year old Martin Bukies was the 7th student to hold this one-year office, after Hannes Werning (2015), Laura Niemann (2014), Michelle Mallwitz (2013), Nora Schäfer (2012), Lena Schulze-Gabrechten (2011), and Simon Pagany (2010).