As former students of the interdisciplinary Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen, the alumni constitute a very important part of the institution. For us alumni are "important ambassadors" in the truest sense of the word – found in all corners of the world – and for our students they are an important link to the professional world. For this reason the university accompanies its alumni on the next phase of their narrative.

Absolventen der ZU Spring Term 2014

The Bachelor's and Master's degree graduates in the 2014 spring semester.

To encourage more communication between alumni, the university, and the students, the AlumniOffice was set up. Here, alumni will find a contact who will help them with queries, organize events, keep them up to date with the latest university developments and provide assistance with the decentralized internal organization.

In return, alumni actively participate in the day-to-day life and the functioning of the university. They act as correspondents, reporting on daily work-related happenings, as committee members they partake in the selection of new students, they are present at important university and student events like graduation celebrations, summer parties, and orientation weeks, and they offer the students work placements and jobs.

In short, it is a rewarding partnership and one which is very close to the heart of Zeppelin University. Whether it is Bad Waldsee, "old" Seemoos, the "Semi|Kolon", the ContainerUni, or the future MainCampus – as the university changes, so do its alumni. The unique spirit of the university links the alumni far beyond their graduation – in most cases for a whole lifetime.

What do our alumni actually do?

Service for Alumni – the AlumniOffice

Already heard about the Alumni Newsletter, but never actually got one? Missing your transcript after moving house for the fifth time? New in the city and want to know if there are any other ZU alumni around? Already got a Bachelor's degree at ZU and need to find out what modules are in the M.A. that you applied for? Organized a regulars' table for ZU alumni but don't know how to spread the word? Need to provide proof of payment of study fees to the accountant? Lost your password for your ZU e-mail account? Looking for a contact in a specific area amongst the alumni?

The AlumniOffice is there to assist you – the alumni! Don't hesitate to contact Stefanie Höfig with any questions and your query will be either answered directly or passed on to a suitable contact who will be able to assist you.

Please note that some services rendered (for example the issuing of transcripts) will be chargeable.

We, in turn, will be looking forward to news about your relocation, your new job, and your academic development after ZU. Because that's the only way the alumni network can function.
Stefanie Höfig is always happy to update the database.

ZUCA | The ZU Club of Alumni

All alumni work at Zeppelin University is mutually organized – by ZU and the alumni themselves. Management of the "Zeppelin University Club of Alumni" is being taken on by the AlumniOffice which provides a direct link to ZU. The club is attended and advised by a board which is a direct link to active alumni.

ZUCA is at hand as a communicative platform for the AlumniOffice. It also co-ordinates procedures, maintains the database, is in charge of membership management, and administration of finance – all in a very open and transparent way. Regional chapters and their regulars' tables are kept in close contact with the alumni. Regional chapters administer and organize themselves and are supported by the AlumniOffice when necessary.

A voluntary board comprised of active, registered members supports the AlumniOffice as a source of ideas and advice. This board supports the work of the alumni by introducing new concepts and ideas, by maintaining direct contact with the alumni and it also actively works on projects. This supports the idea that successful alumni work can only be carried out with a collective approach!

Interested in ZUCA or a role on the Alumni Board? Get in touch here:


Frass, Daniel
Frass, Daniel
Strategic Partnerships & Alumni | Alumni Office & Fundraising
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1143
Room:FAB 3 | 1.77
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