Equal Opportunities & Diversity

Diversity, in terms of the integration of very different people without discrimination due to age, gender, sexual orientation, physical capacities, origin, ethnic affiliation, religion and ideology or way of life, is an elementary cornerstone of the identity and actions of the ZU. In order to safeguard the relevance of diversity and its implementation, the ZU has established the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Concept.

The person responsible for the implementation and further development of the Equal Opportunities and Diversity Concept is the Equal Opportunities Officer. This person is selected from the rows of science and administrative staff and is voted in by the Senate based on a suggestion by the Rectorate, to whom regular reports are submitted.
The central tasks of the Equal Opportunities Officer are:

  • Acting as the point of contact for all employees and students in case of emergencies (see “Guide”)
  • Safeguarding of equality and equal opportunities within all status groups of the university
  • Strategic implementation of a Gender & Diversity Management within the organization
  • Promotion of the reconcilability of family and vocation or studies
  • Accessibility and needs-based equipment in the workplaces of those with disabilities
  • Consultation regarding Equality & Diversity issues
  • Promotion of diversity research

The Equal Opportunities Officer or their deputy is to participate in all appeal proceedings and has the opportunity to make a statement regarding the employment of scientific personnel. The establishment and safeguarding of diversity in all ZU areas and processes is of high strategic and operative relevance and shall also be systematically promoted in future. Regular exchanges are conducted between the Equal Opportunities Officer, the Works Council and the Student Diversity Officer. For this purpose, the Senate of the ZU founded the Senate committee “Equal Opportunities & Diversity” in December 2016 as a platform for collaborative equal opportunities work.


Equal Opportunities Officer

Blanke, Anja
Blanke, Anja Dr phil
Research Fellow | Equal Opportunity Officer
Phone:+49 7541 6009-1452
Room:Semi 1.28

Guide | Important Contact Points for Students

For all concerns that lead to mental impairment: Biographical, current and, of course, study-related problemsPsychological CounselingKarin Tauber Psychologist, Psychological Psychotherapist karin.tauber@zu.de +49178 5579725 (Tel. & WhatsApp)
Student Contact PersonStudent Vice Presidentsvp@zu.de
Student Confidentials for all mattersZU Student Senators (Rotational change of office)studentische-senatoren@zeppelin-university.net
Student Confidentials for all matters BelangeProjectgroup AG Diversitätstuddivb@zeppelin-university.net
LGBTQ+ matters, Social Inclusion & EqualityProjectgroup AG Diversitätstuddivb@zeppelin-university.net
Studying with little moneyProjectgroup AG Diversitätstuddivb@zeppelin-university.net
Problems with access to the campus buildings of ZU and its roomsFacility Managementbernd.schulz@zu.de
Problems with access to the campus buildings of ZU and its roomsCheck-Incheck-in@zu.de
Studying with family responsibilitiesExamination Office, Equal Opportunities Officerexaminationoffice@zu.de katrin.staudinger@zu.de
Studying with family responsibilitiesProjectgroup AG Diversitätstuddivb@zeppelin-university.net
Compensation for disadvantages in the case of impairments in studiesExamination Officeexaminationoffice@zu.de

Guide | Important Contact Points for Employees

Work-life balance questionsHuman Resources - HRchristine.geisler@zu.de
Employment contract issuesHuman Resources - HRchristine.geisler@zu.de
Employment contract issues(not solved) Works Councilbetriebsrat@zu.de
Perceived job discriminationRepresentative for severely disabled personsanna-katharina.schababerle@zu.de marlen.ruh@zu.de
Perceived job discriminationEqual Opportunities Officerkatrin.staudinger@zu.de
Problems with access to the campus buildings of ZU and its roomsFacility Managementstephan.sturm@zu.de
Problems with access to the campus buildings of ZU and its roomsCheck-Incheck-in@zu.de

Guide | Important Contact Points outside ZU

Topics specific to women and families; domestic violence; women and children in distress; acute emergencies; stalkingDistrict Youth Welfare Office+49 7541 204 - 5364
Topics specific to women and families; domestic violence; women and children in distress; acute emergencies; stalkingFrauen helfen Frauen e.V.+49 7541 21800
Topics specific to women and families; domestic violence; women and children in distress; acute emergencies; stalkingPolice Advisory Center+49 7541 701-1510
Topics specific to women and families; domestic violence; women and children in distress; acute emergencies; stalkingWomens and family representative for the district of Lake ConstanceVeronika Wäscher Göggerle +49 7541 204-5475 veronika.waescher-goeggerle@bodenseekreis.de
Help for victims of crimeWeißer Ring e.V.116 006 (nationwide, daily 7am - 10pm) Martha Dauth +49 151 55164771 weisser.ring.bodenseekreis@gmail.com
Help for women with children in needAWO Womens Shelter Beschützendes Haus BodenseekreisPostfach 1105, 88001 Friedrichshafen +49 7541 4893626 frauenhaus@awo-bodenseekreis.de
Help for victims of abuseMorgenrot counseling center against sexual abuseKatharinenstraße 16, 88045 Friedrichshafen +49 7541 3776400 info@beratungsstelle-morgenrot.de
Help with domestic and other violence against womenHelp Line Gewalt gegen Frauen0800 116016 (24/7)
Help with stalking experiencesSupport Group Stalking+49 7541 2045838 selbsthilfe@bodenseekreis.de
Safe Walk HomeHeimwegtelefon e.V.+49 30 12074182 (free, nationwide) Sunday - Thursday from 20:00 - 00:00 Friday & Saturday from 20:00 - 03:00 https://www.heimwegtelefon.net
HIV and STI Counselling anonymous and freePublic Health Office Friedrichshafen+49 7541 204-5860 Testing Thu. 3pm - 5pm (no appointment needed) Albrechtstr. 75, 3rd Floor, Room A 322 88045 Friedrichshafen
HIV and STI Counselling anonymous and freeAIDS-Hilfe Konstanz+49 7531 21113 or +49 7531 19411 info@aidshilfe-konstanz.de
Help with drug and addiction problemsDiakonie Upper Swabia/Allgäu/Lake Constance+49 7541 950180 psb@diakonie-oab.de

Guide | Contacts and institutions to turn to for help and support @ ZU



18. - 20.10.2018
Schwerpunktthema 2018: Digitale Zukunft mit Frauen gestalten

NOT FOR SALE // "Verkauft, versklavt, zum Sex gezwungen - das große Geschäft mit der Ware Frau"
Inge Bell | Vortrag & Podiumsdiskussion
12.10.2018 | 18:00 - 20:00 Uhr
Friedrichshafen | ZF Campus, Blackbox 1.09
Anmeldung bitte bei Stephanie Nau

Event archive

12. Mai 2018 | SeeCampus.

One billion rising - rise, resist, unite
17. März 2018, 11.00 Uhr | Ravensburg

bestenfalls alles
Lesereise der IBH AG Gender & Diversity mit Tania Witte zu ihrer queeren Romantrilogie.
13. März 2018, 14.00 - 15.30 Uhr | Hochschule Ravensburg-Weingarten, Doggenriedstraße, 88250 Weingarten, Hauptgebäude, Raum H 002

Programmreihe zum Internationalen Frauentag
07. - 09. März 2018 | culturverein caserne e.V., Friedrichshafen

ZONTA Says NO To Violence Against Women
27. - 29. November 2017, 19.00 - 00.00 Uhr | Fallenbrunnen 18

Prof Dr Alice H. Eagly | Women as Leaders: How Are They Faring?
07. November 2017, 11.30 - 13.00 Uhr | ZF Campus, Blackbox 1.9

Sie arbeitet - er ist das Genie
Lesereise der IBH AG Gender & Diversity mit Prof. Dr. Senta Troemel-Ploetz
15. März 2017 | Friedrichshafen

Useful documents

AG Diversität

The AG Diversität is a working group that promotes more diversity at Zeppelin University. With the goal of making the various underlying dimensions more visible, the students involved work on events, workshops, and other projects to promote points of contact and awareness at the university. Together, they advocated for a university with and for all. As the primary point of contact for diversity-related issues, the Diversity Working Group also has an open ear for any student who needs advice or a solution. True to the motto "Showing Strength Together," they are here for you.

The team of the AG Diversität: Philipp Bräutigam, Lilly Schmitz, Ezgi Gül und Maks Shevelov (from left to right). (Foto: Natalie Koppenhöfer)

Every two semesters, the students elect the student diversity representative. As a representative in the Diversity Working Group and as a contact person at Zeppelin University, the Student Diversity Officer represents diversity issues in the Student Council. Following the election of the Student Diversity Officer, the Student Council elects the members of the working group.

In close exchange with the Equal Opportunity Officers and the Student Council, the student members can thus ensure an environment in which diversity can be connected and create a place where people can be who they are - wonderful!

If you have questions, ideas or criticism, you have the possibility to contact the students of the AG Diversität directly or use one of the following channels. Confidential information will of course remain confidential.


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