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Einführung in die bon san technik (2008), San Keller, CH, Campus Fallenbrunnen
Einführung in die bon san technik (2008), San Keller, CH, Campus Fallenbrunnen


Since its foundation in 2004, the artsprogram has invited artists whose work engages with relevant questions of today's society. At Zeppelin University, these artists have developed projects in which the focus is on specific social issues or provided interventions into the life and work at the university. In addition they are invited to present their work, reflect upon their methodologies within lectures and seminars, teach, perform and imagine new and unexpected forms of action.

Selection of projects and interventions

Selection of projects and interventions

Danielle Adair (USA) | Arava Institute (ISR)Maria Anwander (A) | Ole Aselmann (D) | Thom Barth (D) | Christina Ciupke (D) | Margit Czenki (D) | Begleitbüro Soup (D) | Sandra Boeschenstein (CH) | Ecke Bonk (D) | Marcos Chaves (BR) | Johanna Dehio (D) | Agnes Denes (USA)Christian Falsnaes (DK) | Doug Fishbone (GB) | Mark Formanek (D) | Dieter Froelich (D) | Rainer Ganahl (A/USA)Gintersdorfer/Klaßen (A/D) | Alex Hanimann (CH) | Irene Hohenbüchler (A) | Hans Dirk Hotzel (D) | Orkhan Huseynov (AZE) |  Alfredo Jaar (CHL) | Ruediger John (A) | Marcel Kalberer (CH) | San Keller (CH) | Nicolas Kerksiek (D) | Gunilla Klingberg (SE) | Andrea Knobloch (D) | Axel Kufus (D) | Annika Kuhlmann | André Leipold (D) | Thomas Locher (D) | Andree Korpys & Markus Löffler (D) | Andrew McNiven (GB) | Harald F. Müller (D) | Maria Nordman (USA) | Adam Page (GB) | Michael Pawlyn/Exploration Architecture (GB) | Dan Perjovschi (ROU) | Dan Peterman (USA) | Holger Pirke (D) | Elodie Pong (USA/CH) | raumlaborberlin (D) | Anahita Razmi (D) | Ariel Reichman (ISR) | Oliver Ressler (A) | Christof Salzmann (D) | Judith Samen (D) | Katya Sander (DK) | Ines Schaber (D) | Christoph Schäfer (D) | Kateřina Šedá (CZ) | Jens Semjan (D) | Ulrike Shepherd (D) | Gregory Sholette (USA) | Gerda Steiner & Jörg Lenzlinger (CH) | Anke Strauß (D) | Johannes Stüttgen (D) | Tilo Schulz (D) | Christopher Kulendran Thomas (GB)Andres Veiel (D) | Levi van Veluw (NL) | Eyal Weizman (ISR) | Andrea Wolfensberger (D) | Pinar Yoldas (T/USA) |


Weaving Dreams into Realities  – An exhibition project with Jeanne van Heeswijk, Institute of Radical Imagination and Centre for Plausible Economy (2022) |

Apocalypse and World Salvation  –An exhibition project with Agnes Denes (USA), Arava Institute (ISR), Orkhan Huseynov (AZE), Michael Pawlyn/Exploration Architecture (GB), Oliver Ressler (A), Levi van Veluw (NL) & Pinar Yoldas (T/USA), Environment: Kateřina Šedá (CZ) (2020/2021) | The Understanding Gaze - Photographs by Pierre Bourdieu – An interactive archive of the photographic oeuvre, conceived by the Kooperative für Darstellungspolitik (2019/20) | Islands of Freedom – Interactive exhibition project by Yoshiaki Kaihatsu (2019) | 71 % (play) – Audio-Installation by Martina Mächler(2018-19) | Archaeology of the Present - Memory, Media, Matter – A project by the London collective Forensic Architecture (2018) | Who Pays? – Exhibition of the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in cooperation with the artsprogram (2017) | Mo­bi­le Ar­chi­ve - Ar­chiv für So­zia­le Plas­tik – Artistic archive project by Chris­tof Salz­mann with the collection from Rai­ner Rapp­mann (2015-17) | New Eelam – A long-term art project in the form of a technology real estate start-up by Christopher Kulendran Thomas and Annika Kuhlmann | Learning Community – A socially integrative art project with raumlaborberlin, Margit Czenki and Gintersdorfer/Klaßen (2016) | Imaginary Archive – Zeppelin University Edition by Gregory Sholette with Marcel Kalberer (2015) | Container University – A work of art by Margit Czenki and Christoph Schäfer (2013-15)

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