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Kilian Seng

Original Articles in Academic Journals Including Review Procedure

  • Garritzmann, Julian L. / Seng, Kilian: Party politics and education spending: challenging some common wisdom, Journal of European Public Policy, 2015, (22): 1 - 21
  • Seng, Kilian: Reforming the Stability and Growth Pact in Times of Crisis., Journal of Contemporary European Research, 2012, Jg. 4 (8): 451 - 469

Contributions in Commentaries and Collected Editions

  • Seng, Kilian: Die Auswirkungen der EU-Zuckermarktreform auf Drittstaaten: Arbeitsstandards in der Zuckerindustrie., in: Bodo Zeuner (Hrsg.): Internationale Arbeitsstandards in einer globalisierten Welt., Wiesbaden, VS Verlag, 2009, 266 - 291,